Catching up!

Hello there,

I just thought I'd drop a post in as I haven't been on the forum as much as usual this last week. I am still going strong with the healthy lifestyle, and looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow. I don't count the calories quite s slavishly now unless I eat something out of the ordinary. I am such a creature of habit that once I establish a menu I like, I tend to stick with it, with just the occasional variation.

Today after a lazy morning my daughter and I went out to a park to catch a bit of sunlight while it was around and have a bit of exercise. We went to a cafe afterwards, but I am in such good habits now that where I once would definitely had pudding, I now just had a hot chocolate!

See you all at the weigh in! :-) xx


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6 Replies

  • Great to see the healthy habits are sticking! Hope you enjoyed your walk in the park to enjoy the November sunshine.

  • Well done saying no to cake :-) I bet drinking chocolate was lovely today , it's a real winter day delight

  • It was Mollydex , just the ticket! :-)

  • lucky you having some sunshine to enjoy - we have had wet yucky weather all day. Managed to get all the ironing done though. Fingers crossed for some dry spells this week 😊

  • Yes misstippytoes , and getting laundry to dry in winter takes ages!!

  • That sounds like my idea of a perfect Sunday 😊