Stuffed Peppers for Lunch :)

For lunch today I made stuffed peppers as they needed using up. Wanted to post a picture but it wont let me :(.

My peppers contained:

2 peppers halved, 3 cherry tomatoes (also needed using) brushed with chilli oil, a slice of homemade wholemeal bread made into bread crumbs mixed with half a sausage left over cubed, teaspoon of lazy garlic and a bit of grated cheese.

Have to say they were a very nice concoction! Will have to make again. Now waiting for a peice of my flapjack to defrost to have with some tea :) and then will be off to walk the dog.

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9 Replies

  • Hi Aura, sorry to go completely off piste, but I just wanted to ask you if you'd had any trouble posting your thread, apart from not being able to upload a picture?

    There are many of us that can't post a new thread, at all, although we can reply. I can't upload pics either!

    BTW, your lunch sounds delicious!! :)

  • Nope just the picture no other problems :/

  • How very odd! Are you using pc, phone, laptop, or tablet?

  • Phone :)

  • Ooooh, maybe that's the difference then! I think we're all using laptops! Thanks Aura! :)

  • Oooo. Ill have a go on the laptop later then :)

  • Good idea! :)

  • Hi AuraShadows,

    Your peppers sound sooooo tasty, and I am so sorry that you weren't able to upload your photo - I've reported the issues to HU Tech department, as it's been reported by a few people now, and like moreless said, some of us are having difficulty posting at all - you are lucky you managed to do it - some people have been trying all day to post, with no success!

    I can't even do an update to people to let them know about the issues!

    Hence, I feel like me and Moreless are hi-jacking your post here talking about site glitches, but I hope they will be fixed soon - and then you can upload your photo of your peppers and everyone can enjoy posting again.

    Lowcal :-)

  • I do like a stuffed pepper! Sounds like a very good meal. Sensible idea to keep your flapjack frozen too!

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