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Ok for the last few days I've been posting on a positivity challenge on here 😊

Since rejoining this forum I was looking for something different, Tanje post just hit out and spoke to me. I had become low like so many members on here, recently I'd lost my mum piled weight on and was suffering many aches and pains and again I was reaching for bad food all the time.

Everyday myself and other members have been posting something positive. It's been so helpful and it's not totally all about you either.

Yesterday was busy and I didn't get chance to post, before like everything in my life, eating plans, exercise regimes it was easy to just fall of the wagon and feel a failure and just spiral down again but this time it felt different.

Life doesn't have to be about worrying all the time just look at yourself and realise it's you that's important to keep possitive remember happiness and pass that gratitude on and today is another day.

Last night I went out and enjoyed myself and had a few glasses of vino and today I won't feel guilty. Today I shall keep to my healthier choices and a eye on the calories.

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Glad you had a good night out 😊 Enjoy your Sunday

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A good treat/fun night is needed every now and then to keep us on track and you shouldn't feel guilty at all :) i am hoping to take part in the positivity challenge but find it very inspiring to just read the other responses :) :) life shouldn't be about worrying all the time, otherwise what's the point? :) goodluck with your healthier choices today!


Hi Kath,

I'm sure HealthyTanja will appreciate knowing how much you're enjoying her November/December Happiness Challenge - I have also been finding it helpful, and it definitely makes me think about appreciating the positives in life.

Really glad you had a lovely night out last night, and I hope that Sunday is a really great day.

Lowcal :-)

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Great post kath50. So pleased the positivity challenge has inspired you :)


I am enjoying the positivity post too as I often see my glass as half empty! It's good to appreciate that there are many things to be grateful for. I'm pleased you had a good night out. 😊


Good for you Kath glad you had a lovely time last night you deserve it x


kath50 Thank you for this post. I am happy that you find the Happiness Challenge helpful and think it is very kind of you to share that message with the forum. It has only been two weeks and you have made wonderful progress! Really looking forward to being on this journey with you :)


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