Becks Blue 44 calories a bottle

Who knew? I didn't until today.

Becks Blue - the alcohol free lager is only 44 calories for a 275ml bottle. I like a beer to watch rugby with, and since my little faux pas I'm on codeine and can't have any alcohol I thought I'd try a Becks Blue. Firstly it actually tastes ok - most alcohol free lager is frankly a bit pants and I'd rather have a Diet Coke. Secondly most alcohol free lagers are virtually the same calories as their alcoholic cousins - again I'd rather have a Diet Coke than waste calories. But compared to Becks Vier - 91 calories for the same bottle I am happy to drink this alternative.

Happy Days!!!!


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11 Replies

  • Ooo will have to look out for that and try it - I agree most others taste a bit pants

  • Sainsbury's low alcohol Czech lager is also highly recommended. Granted, it's £1.20 per 500ml bottle, but you do receive twice as much compared to a 275ml bottle of Becks Blue.

  • I always keep a box of alcohol free Becks in the Garage for consumption upon school nights and you're right, it doesn't taste bad at all, while only containing 44Kcal per bottle.

    Furthermore, the hangover you may experience tomorrow morning won't be through consumption of alcohol free Becks.

    Additionally, when watching the rugby, a Diet Coke simply won't suffice, so your decision is well justified.

  • If you prefer something more like a beer than a lager, Brewdog nanny State only has 30 calories!

  • I agree Becks Blue is really nice ☺

  • I like it really really cold from the fridge. It's really refreshing!

    And no hangover.... win / win scenario...

  • From across the sea, have not tried Beck Blue have stayed with my normal NA now will look for this think I have eyed never had recommendation. Thanks!

  • Yes I discovered Becks Blue when I was on my weight loss journey two years ago, it kept me away from my usual wine . Two years and two stone later I can now have a few wines at weekends without having re-gained any weight, but I do still enjoy Becks Blue lager, especially handy if I'm driving .

  • It's now on my shopping list ! Thank you

    Why does this thread gave the tag cocaine ? Am I missing something ?

  • possibly from coke?

  • If you prefer something more like a beer than a lager, Brewdog nanny State only has 30 calories!

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