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Little Snacker!

Hi Everyone, I'm new to this site and hoping to get some inspiration, tips and advice. I'm 39 and been struggling with my weight since I was about 16. I've done every diet I can think of. I'm fully aware of the things I should and shouldn't eat, portion sizes, drinking water, eating slower, exercise...etc. My problem is willpower, and the lack of it. I tend to follow a healthy eating plan for around 3-4 weeks. Then something gets in the way and, probably like many people, I say to myself I'll start again tomorrow. However, my tomorrow is usually a lot longer than 24 hours away! Then I struggle to start from square 1.....again.

I suffer from high blood pressure and palpitations and I'm finding my knees and back are aching a lot more. I know my weight isn't helping. I would like to lose around 4 stone to become a more healthy 10 stone and then take it from there.

My downfalls are crisp and munchy things. I'm a snacker. If I didn't have a family to cook for I would just snack rather than eat a full meal. I think if I had good ideas of things I can snack on n munch (not carrot sticks!) I would probably be able to follow a healthy eating plan more easily.

Any ideas anyone to stop this little snacker getting any fatter? :)

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Hi I have just joined the site to looking for inspiration. I went to the doctors yesterday because I have been so ill lately, on top of under active thyroid I now have very high blood pressure, body is aching like mad, the weight is making me ill

So maybe we can help each other, my doctor adviced weight watchers, what about you. 😀😀

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Hi, my doctor also advised losing weight, but I was at slimming world at the time. Slimming World is great as it is not a diet as such, its learning to change to a healthier lifestyle. I've seen some amazing changes in people when I was there. My problem is the willpower to say no to that packet of crisp, bar of chocolate etc. Especially when at work meals are free and there's always chocolate, crisp and biscuits hanging around the office! I did Weightwatchers years ago and found I was hungry at the end of the day when I had run out of points but I believe it's changed quite a lot since. Definitely worth a go 😊 We can do this!!! 💪🏻


Hi TinaJE,

Welcome to the Weight Loss NHS forum. Have a look at our Welcome Newbie post, as it will give you some great tips and suggestions from past and current members about what has worked for them. Many of us follow the NHS 12 week plan, and it's excellent. I can see you are concerned about finding some healthy snacks, and so maybe put 'healthy snacks' in the search window above (top right) and you'll find many posts on that subject, and get some great ideas. We also have a Recipe collation post, so look out for that, and also look in the Topics area too.

The Welcome Newbie post is in the Pinned posts area - right-hand-side of the homepage.

Wishing you a great weekend and good luck with your goals.

Lowcal :-)


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