Party food recipes?

My first weekend whilst dieting is already worrying me - I need some ideas! Last night we went to a friends house for dessert and drinks - quite a common Friday night out for us. Gorgeous apple crumble, cakes, and Eton mess that people brought to share. I just had small amounts but it was really hard and goodness knows what my calories were. I didn't really think ahead very well - I should have taken something really nice and low calorie to see me through! Does anyone have any good ideas?


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11 Replies

  • Meringues aren't too bad, sugary but not fatty. Perhaps make your own version of pavlova using sweetened quark and add fruit of your choice.

  • That's a really good idea! I love pavlova. Thank you.

  • I think I'd use creme friache bit more luxury

  • Yes that's a good idea - needs to appeal to everyone not just me! I definitely don't want lots of leftovers!

  • I think lots would not notice, often diet stuff seems more appealing than other stuff!

    GU the pudding folk ( tesco/waitrose) made yummy stuff, and gave reasonable calories too, I sometimes buy them. 😉

  • You can make cheesecake and mousses using quark too..have a look on the slimming world website 😀

  • I'll look - thank you. I've never used quark before.

  • Hi JiminyCricket,

    There is a section in the Recipe Collation posts I did a while back which has a few cakes, granolas, and things like that, which you might like the look of. Here's a link to the post, which is in the Pinned posts area:

    The section is towards the end of the list of recipes, but there are some nice healthy versions there to consider.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thank you. It's been really good to feel I'm not alone with this! I'll have a look a the recipes and pick one for this evening!

  • Great! I've just edited it to include a great recipe by AuraShadows - who did some 'Guilt-free Flapjacks' yesterday, which I am seriously considering making myself sometime soon, as they are just the kind of recipe I was hoping to find. :-)

    I hope you'll let us know which one you choose in the end, and how it goes! Good luck! :-) Most importantly - enjoy your weekend!!! :-)

  • Lots of healthy ones to choose from, even a fresh fruit salad could be nice, save s few cals in the week for these dis maybe?

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