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Guilt Free Flapjacks!


I have been searching the depths of the internet for a healthy flapjack and have combined various ideas/made up as went along to create my very own sugar/syrup/honey (don't like honey!) free flapjacks. Just waiting for them to cool but found them very tasty and sweet enough. The texture was a bit porridgy but they are literally just out of the oven so will see if they harden once cool. Havent got round to working out the calories yet but im sure they are much lower than a normal flapjack!

Recipe was:

180g rolled oats (not instant porridge oats)

2 Apples grates

1 Banana Mashed (to make sweeter use riper bananas/more bananas)

Around 60g mixed fruit (sultanas, peel etc as had no dates)

25g ish of sesame seeds (didnt have any other seeds or nuts!)

1 tbsp of oil

Bake a gas mark 5 for approx 25 mins.

Next time I will add some nuts, more fruits e.g apricots and cinnamon as annoyingly seemed to have ran out!

Now enjoying some ginger and lemon tea :).

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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi AuraShadows,

I am definitely going to try this recipe - thanks so much for posting it, it looks really great! Your Ginger and Lemon tea sounds delicious too.

Lowcal :-)

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

Sounds like a healthy snack for me to try!


Ooooh sounds tasty 😊 I tried similar using dates but they went soggy . . . Banana sounds good

Wow it reeally looks like you've combined all the best recipes together - thats the King of no added sugar flapjacks! I used to do something like this. grated apple, oats, rapeseed oil, chopped sultanas. Baked slowly on low heat then sliced into 140 cal portions and frozen, to make sure I only took out 1 a day. Great way to get extra fibre too!

Sounds like a such a yummy breakfast. Must try, thank you!

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