Temp 39.5c

Hi guys I'm really sorry, this has absolutely nothing to do with weightloss, but you're all so helpful.

My 3 year old has a temp of 39.5 and it's not going down despite giving Calpol. He's had a temp of 40 before and I know they advise to contact a doctor if it goes over 39. He has a terrible cough and is telling me his mouth hurts, I think he means his throat. Our GP is rubbish, last time he said it was just a viral infection, when it turned out to be raging tonsillitis and he collapsed and got sent to hospital in an ambulance.

My hubby is at work and the other three are asleep. Any docs on this site? Should I ring NHS 111? I've been here before loads of times with him and his sisters and normally I can manage it, by stripping them off and giving Calpol and Nurofen at regular intervals. It just concerns me that despite me doing that it's not coming down.

He's fine in himself - alert and responsive. Sorry if I sound neurotic!

Any advice greatly received. Thank you 😊


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21 Replies

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  • Sounds a bit to me like tonsillitis. HOwever a sore throat with a cough often is viral . WIll he let you look in his throat ? There is something on line called the centor criteria , this is often what GPS use to decide if needs antibiotics, but of course they also use clinical judgement :-) My second guess would be ear infection. If he's well in himself I would keep going with the carpol/ ibuprofen .I would defiantly make sure that he has lots of extra fluids, if any rash , unable to swallow, drools, unusually unresponsive then I would look for medical help as ap . I would call my gp in the morning if doing ok .

    If at all worried call your out of hours service ( where I live it's the 111 number ) otherwise it's your GPS day time number and the call is usually re directed or it's an answer machine with another number on

    Hope you have a quite night and he is settled

    Usually the ooh service ( especially if you live in a town ) are staff who are on nights and not the docs who have worked all day , and I'm sure they will be happy to chat to you on the phone if you are worried

  • Thank you both of you. I've rung them. Doctor ringing back.

  • Thanks for info about the centor score Mollydex - very interesting 😊

  • Yes, ring 111. They will tell you what to do next.

  • Sounds like ears to me. Been there so many times and it's hard. Try a cool flannel on the forehead as well to bring down the temperature. Lots of fluids too, although at night this is tricky with a little one. Perhaps pop a nappy on them if they don't normally. Hope everything settles down very soon xx

  • I agree with Concerned. Ring 111.

  • I would ring 111, they will talk you through it and advise you, hope he's ok x

  • Definately ring 111 Isou, or the Out of Hours in your area!

    Hope he feels better soon :)

  • Thanks to all of you for caring! You are lovely people 😊

    Ok the good news is I finally got it down to 38.6 - it's still high, but at least better. He still feels roasting though.

    slimpickings he still wears a nappy at night so fluid intake no problem πŸ‘πŸ˜Š thank you. He's drunk quite a bit of water.

    The doctor rang back and listened to his chest and cough and said it sounds like a chest infection, but he needs to be seen by GP in the morning.

    Kids hey? They worry you to death sometimes! You have all this to look forward to soon RobLandsdown91 😁😁

    I'll keep you updated. Thanks again πŸ’•

  • So sorry to hear your little boy is not well. I am a little late for any help now - sorry again. I would have been concerned too if stripping them off and calpol/nurofen not helping to reduce temperature. The only other thing I would have done when mine were little was to wipe a very cool flannel over their body, arms and legs. Don't dry off just leave the small amount of cool water from the flannel on their body to help cool them down. I do hope he settles over night and is feels better in the morning x

  • Hi I've just read your post, I hope your son is on the way to recovery now. Kids go up and down very quickly, but it is an awful worry when they're ill.

    Sending love xxx

  • Morning isou7000. Just wondering how you are doing this morning? I do hope your son's temperature is under control now and you can get an appointment at your doctors today.

  • hope your wee one is a bit better this morning and you managed some sleep xx

  • Hope he's on the mend this morning x

  • Morning everyone! Thank you so much for last night.

    Well he was up three times in the night, crying and coughing and temp was 39.1 this morning 😳

    I've been to see the GP, but apparently it's just a viral infection, so I guess I just have to hope it goes away by itself and doesn't develop into anything else.

    Have a lovely day everyone 😘

  • Glad you got him checked out with the GP. Sounds like you just got to ride it out then. Poor thing. I always hated it when mine were poorly - so hard to see them ill. I hope as the day goes on today he is improving. Kids often pick up as quickly as they go down don't they. Hope you got plenty of Calpol! Best wishes :)

  • Wishing you a good weekend, and glad to hear he's seen the GP and been checked out. Hope you all get better sleep over the next few nights. :-)

  • It is so hard when they are poorly in the night. Fingers crossed for a better night's sleep for everyone tonight. Xx

  • Thank you all 😊

  • Across the sea here missed everything last night with time difference with your child's illness last night. Sorry it is so hard when we have little ones when they very sick. Mine are grown and with children of their own now. One never forgets the feeling as a mother I think we have more pain we feel for them so deeply. Hoping this GP got it right on just viral and he will be bouncy around any minute.

  • Well his temp is still over 39, but I'm going to ride it out over the weekend and hopefully he'll be better by Monday, if not, it's back to the GP! Have a lovely weekend everyone 😘

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