Body cravings

Hi Everyone,

I try to fool my body into thinking it is getting sugar by having boiled sweet and it works.

Afew days ago my body could not be fooled and I was constantly starving and still am, this morning I woke up full of a cold ache bones light head. My husband likes to share, but while he does not want to eat, while I'am the total opposite. Sugar sugar and more sugar.

Good luck all



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14 Replies

  • Been there, done that! Sugar is toxic and addictive. The boiled sweet may be just enough to take away the feelings of withdrawal, storing up cravings for later.

  • Hi Wendy, maybe it is just my limited understanding of English, but aren't boiled sweets made of 100% sugar?

  • Once I would eat the while bag now if I slowly suck on one my brain thinks it has had loads.

  • Ah, okay, that's what you meant! I am not sure it would convince my brain :-)

  • Aldi and Holland and Barrett do some sugar free boxes of boiled sweets about 9calories per sweet it's funny because normally boiled sweets give me mouth ulcers but those don't.

  • M&S do some great sugar free ones too. Butterscotch ones are lovely! Mmmmm...

  • You will just keep giving in to sugar by "drip feeding" your cravings. It's really hard when you have a sweet tooth, but think of a sweet dessert more as a treat at the end of the week for now.

    I'm have more of a savoury pallet and I crave pastries so I know how hard it is, but I've had to change my mindset and it's all in your head, I believe you have to think differently about food. You can have anything you want to eat, but in moderation. Once I started counting carbs, fats, protein etc I found I was forever working out what I could and couldn't have. But this week after counting calories, I just feel better about what I choose.

    You know what's healthy and what's not, so it's really up to you to fight your cravings. You can do it. Plus drink water if you get a craving as your body also craves water, so maybe it's partly fluid you crave?

    I'm even exercising more, not anything stupid, we got a treadmill off my daughter about 5 year ago and I guess I've been on it maybe half a doz times, but I've been on twice a day since Monday. My husband can't believe it!! But like I said, I have a different mindset and I'm determined to lose weight this time. I should lose about 3 stone according to my stats but If I lose half that much from now until April ( for a holiday) then lose the rest after until I'm my ideal weight then I'll be happy and up my calories to maintain what I feel happiest at.

    Good luck and as you say " gottodothis" and you can!!

  • Ive got a cold too..and I had a cake that I so craved today..hope we all feel better soon..

  • Not feeling well is maybe not the right time to be too drastic about your weight loss, but you can still eat healthily by eating warming stews, soups or baked vegetables potatoes etc. Like miamia said sugar free jelly is a very good substitute and would subconsciously fill a sugar void maybe??

    You have to be in the right frame of mind to seriously lose excess weight, at least that is what I have found, as I would be forever struggling with my conscience if I strayed from a healthy eating plan. I have stopped thinking of losing weight as being on a diet, but that I'm eating healthier, taking more exercise and allowing myself a treat through the week and at the weekend. I'm sticking to 1400 calories per day, which for me is quite strict ( but my choice) until I get to where I want to be, but I know if I go over a few calories more then I'm not going to beat myself up about it! I'm more relaxed about it all this time round. Before I was always anxious and aware of what I was eating and thought about food every minute of the day!!

    Plan a "Dday" after you feel better and do a food plan for your first week. Good luck! Hope you feel better soon.

  • Used to the same, would rather eat a pudding than a meal, every time. Had a call from my Doctor after a routine blood test to say I was type 2 diabetic. Ummmm.....stopped the puddings, cakes sweets,pies, you name it instantly, that was my' light bulb moment'. Don't get me wrong I still have yogurt, which I know most have sugar in and the odd scone. But a life style change for health and weight was good for me on that front. My office is forever having cakes for someone's birthday, sometimes I stand and stare at them, but won't have one....For me I love that disciple. It's not all good though, I still eat too big portions, hence why I have still at least 1 stone to go. We are have 'something'....Good luck on cutting down on the sweet front. Oh and I forgot, how could I, my stapple, sugar free jelly......I eat loads of the stuff.....!

  • Not sure if this will help but I find having decent breakfast and lunch helps prevent mid afternoon blood sugar lows that lead to cravings 😊

    It does take time but you do eventually get past the craving stage. Now fruit and even tomatoes and carrots taste really sweet. 😊

    Good luck

  • Yes. I agree, it does help. Helps to have something with a lot of protein - eg eggs in some form.

  • I normally have my cravings under control (1 very sweet boiled sweet or chocolate where you cna only eat 1 piece) but with the flu it is really bad. I purchased some houmous, gem lettace, corn thins (rice cakes but twice has thin like cream cracker) so instead of sugar I eat lettace/houmous worked up to now.

    Thanks for help

  • Sweets are an an addiction there is a chemical bond within our system which needs to be broken. It is not an easy path it does take time it can happen over a period of time, some can go cold turkey, by sure will or medical reasons. You are ill now rest get better. Does not mean you can not post and ask for help when a craving strikes some one will answer. Be gentle with yourself follow your diet plan the best you can and best wish on your path.

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