Progress! 214lbs to 204lbs (sorry for bad pic quality!)

Progress! 214lbs to 204lbs (sorry for bad pic quality!)

So here is my progress since end of September, slow and steady but progress none the less! I was 214lbs (I only managed to get a photo of 213lbs) 😛 and photo this morning at 204lbs (because I missed Mondays weigh in!! )

Last week I was 206lbs so 2lbs loss since then . This is week 2 of being in here 😃


But I hope you can all see the numbers.

Take care for now everyone!


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6 Replies

  • Excellent progress! Whatever you are is working. You will have to explore the charity shops soon, for some smaller clothes to tide you over! Just keep one pair of trousers to remind you how far you have come!

  • Wow hehe if I'm honest I don't see any difference yet, I should measure soon to see if any inches lost! Clothes feel looser so I think something is going on 😃 Hopefully the weightloss keep up, I will have to remember to keep a pair of trousers thanks! x

  • Yay! Well done nearly one stone gone you will soon see that badge next to your name.

    Have a fab day best wishes Bev

  • That is excellent good for you. Your doing great.

  • Well done you 👏 blow the photo 😀

  • A weekly loss of 2lbs is indeed steady, sustainable and achievable, but it should never be considered as slow, Ambie.

    By deeming it as such, no doubt through self-expectation and the willingness to have lost more each week, consideration for the feat achieved is over-looked.

    Taking into context that almost 7000Kcal will have been utilised from existing body fat to achieve a 2lb loss (as a result of daily calorie reduction and increased activity), you ought to champion your efforts thus far, rather than viewing them with a sense of despondency.

    A reduction of 10lbs in six weeks is great progress!

    While you may not be witnessing the results as clearly as you’d wished, in the early weeks a number of physiological changes begin to occur within the body (those that you cannot see), allowing it to become more efficient at burning fat in the longer term, such as improved metabolism and the ability to increase the duration and intensity of exercise. However, those changes don’t occur overnight, taking a number of weeks to visibly present themselves.

    Nonetheless, by continuing to take care of day-to-day, chiefly, the maintenance of calorie deficits, reduction of refined carbohydrates and the uptake of regular exercise, those physiological changes will begin to present themselves.

    Just keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll soon see.

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