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Good Morning

Good Morning

Good Morning you Wonderful People

Well i'm back on track this week exercising 3 to 4 times per day eating health again, the kill manflu is out of my system at last and may it not show its ugly face again.

I increased my walks as of monday i was doing 4 to 5k every morning now doing 7 to 8k to get ready for my walk which i don't think will happen lol but not going to stop me.

I wish you all well today and may the lbs fall of you all.

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Morning Richarde19691

Glad the manflu has left you and you are feeling positive and increasing your walks

May the lbs fall off you too :)

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Glad you are feeling better and what a good mantra👍 I am dreaming of being slim and I can do it😊 I am also dreaming of a lovely cottage in the country but I need a lottery win for that one lol, Maybe I will find an old ruin it would be good for the exercise anyway.

Have a good day, hope kitten has settled in now, 🐱🐱🐱

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