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Lost my way again this week

Lost the way this week again with my eating ,ever since lost my wee dog cant seem to stay on track ,I have forced myself to go to the gym seem to manage 2 good days then spoil it for 2 days then tell myself off and start again . I am away this weekend too so that is not helping as I cant seem to focus knowing I'll be away , on the up I have stayed the same for 2 weeks so trying to keep a positive mind definitely the change of weather has affected my mood and need more filling low cal veggie meals that are easy to stock up freezer .

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So sorry to hear about your pet dog..have time to yourself..

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I've lost weight on the 5:2 diet. 2 separate days every week I limit my calories to about 500 I know it's very low but it worked for me and the rest of the week I eat normally. The weekly calories are less and I only have to concentrate on what I'm eating twice a week. Hope you are back on track soon.


Sorry to hear about your dog. I still get upset about losing my cat . We had a wake for her & talked about how lovely she was. Maybe that's what you need & then re-start the plan ? That's what I do when I fall off .


I feel for you dish70 😊 If you are STS that's a big positive, you will soon get back in the zone I'm sure 😊 Be kind to yourself, it's heartbreaking losing our wee furry friends ❤️


It is the time to hold close to your heart the thought of the seeing your dog across the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you. This has so often held me together in my darkest hours. Be gentle on yourself only time mends. Activity does help it took my mind off my thoughts and nice walks cleared my mind, even in the chilly air as the snows came and the air blew off the lake. You are aware of your diet do the best you can at the moment. Bless you at this time.


Hi, sorry about your dog, my cat is my life and I'd be lost without him.

I too am vegetarian and find most low fat receipes are meat or fish. However I just adapt these and use either tofu, soya or lentils instead. I also use 1 cal spray instead of oil when cooking, and pretty much find all typical comfort foods a possibility.


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