Week 2 Complete

I have now completed week two and have gone from a bmi of 42.7 to 41.1 and a weight loss of 17st 11lbs to 17st 2lbs with a total weight loss of 9lbs and for this week 2lbs. I have craved to eat more things but have gone to the healthy snack box and became satisfied. I have have begun the couch to 5k also another positive. I did feel the negative when I ate a roast dinner and put on weight for that part of the week, I would miss roast dinners if I had to give them up. All the best. Jp.


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  • Well done. I like the idea of a healthy snack box. What do you have in it?

  • Thanks. I have small boxes of raisins, other dried fruit and Nakd bars - which are my personal favourites - yesterday I had a craving for choc or something unhealthy I decided to have a cocoa crunch nakd bar - this satisfied my craving, I am going to look around for some other snack things the next time I go to the supermarket.

  • Some good ideas thanks x

  • My snack bag contains very similar things to yours; cocoa crunch, nuts and dried fruit etc. Yesterday I had a look around my local Aldi store which has just opened. They do their own versions of cashew and date bars which are exactly the same content as the nakd kind, but are less than half the price. They had many other healthy treats there too, none of which broke the bank so it might be worth a look if you get chance. I love dried fruit and have found Urban Fruit dried cherries and also strawberries are unsweetened (most unusual these days and a big plus as far as I am concerned) and available from my local Tesco. I also love a couple of squares of very dark (85% cocoa) most nights to go with the fruit and nuts. Moser Roth from Aldi or Coop's own brand are both fantastic.

    As you can imagine, my snack back is bursting at the seams, but I am quite good about only having one treat a day x

  • Thanks Kalahuchi that sounds great the good thing about the healthy snackbox is that if you do want more it won't break the bank!

  • Fantastic! Very well done. I love roast dinners too and they are so satisfying. I generally have chicken and don't make proper gravy any more (use granules) but whatever you are doing it is working. 😊

  • good idea about the granules - I did have traditional gravy and I thought this was the problem.

  • Wow well done! 9lbs is a lot in 2 weeks and you can see your positivity shinning through. πŸ‘

    Good luck for Monday's weigh in you will soon have that 1 stone badge next to your name.

    Best wishes Bev 😊

  • Thank you, I hope so.

  • I carry on doing Roast dinners and when I was on the slimming world plan I lost 4 stone ! I had a few, I had my meat with all the fat cut off, lots of veg which also included roast potatoes which I made with a spray fat like fry light, the gravy was thin made from the veg juices and a stock cube whisked in - these all helped save calories if I'd been very good for the rest of the day I'd treat myself to a yorkie πŸ˜‰

    Well done on your loss πŸ‘

  • Thanks, I did think the gravy was the let down - so I think I will use granules next time, there wasn't too much meat and plenty of veg, I actually had boiled new pots thinking that would curb the calories, I still managed to get the weight down in the end. How do you manage to ever eat a yorkie!?

  • Its a treat when on the slimming world plan πŸ˜‰ and we all need the occasional one. I suppose if you ate a roast every day it would then become a norm and not a treat

    Thats my philosophy but we're all different ☺

  • Never, never be tempted to give up roast dinners or to feel guilty in any way for eating one! I have lost 4 stone so far and have at least 3 a week; it is just a matter of getting used to smaller portions. If I have a choice of a meal out, it would always be a carvery.

    Whether it's home cooked or a meal out I have a couple of slices of meat, one desert spoon of stuffing, one small yorkshire pud, 3-4 baby potatoes or pieces of boiled potatoes and avoid the mashed potatoes. I have plenty of fresh veg (probably about 4 largish portions of different fresh veg), only a small amount of gravy and I also avoid roast potatoes (I don't like them at all, but if I did I would have just one).

    This is all really healthy stuff and I usually feel quite noble for cramming all of those healthy veg into one meal. Apologies for the strong response, but I was in utter panic for a while there at the thought of you denying yourself roast dinners.

    Good luck jp x

  • Okay, my portion was okay, but the gravy was not! Also I don't want to admit it but I had chicken skin it is my favourite and it has goodness close to olive oil. I think I will shift around my calories in preparation of roast dinner that should help next plus I will go for gravy granules which I know I like. Thanks for the thoughts.

  • What's wrong with Yorkshire puddings?? Just eggs n flour . . . I prefer to potatoes 😊😊😊

  • What amazing progress! Well done :) I love the idea of a designated healthy snack box! :)

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