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Thank you for the encouragement you have given me the past couple of days. It gave me hope which I have not had in very long time and needed it so. Monday and Tuesday I got myself out 1/2hour walk. it was a beautiful day for my walk.

I did eat abit of sugar at lunchtimes I have a dessert. and nighttime I may have sugar. Hopefully I can make it through the third day and fourth. and gradually get off sugar. And take one day at a time to bless myself for a good week. How does a person do that? Get through the hump of overcoming it or go back into despair again and hope is squashed once again.

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Just remember...the way forward is ...everything in moderation. The occasional sweet dessert or treat won't ruin your week's healthy eating, just so long as it is small and not too often! Don't beat yourself up...just plan the next day's food and look forwards.


Learning a new way of eating takes time, but trust me, these new habits will soon be deeply ingrained 😊 It does get easier 😊 You ard doing very well

Good luck and best wishes

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thank-you very much for your incouragement.


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