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Mini goal - massive way to go

So, random post, just to 'blog it'

Today, following yesterday morning's failure, I actually woke up (just) and went for a short walk/jog mix!!

It only lasted like 16mins (I have compartment syndrome, so running is difficult after it kicks in) and completed a mile. Would love to get to mile non-stop. But I think I need to get my legs sorted first, before I attempt that! (scary stories of continuing to exercise heavily on CS legs...)

Hoping to get myself up for Thursday for another one and then again Saturday :) Feeling like I may keep to Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (15min stints at the moment). Once I get in to routine and swing of running - because I do really love it - I will start to introduce some circuits on inbetween days.

Hopefully this sounds doable? It's my aim anyway, I'd love to be able to run a 5k non stop (I have looked at the couch to 5k programmes, but my legs aren't something that improves with time (like improving fitness) so I shall get that sorted first, then I can get in to a programme)

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It's difficult to know how to respond WaistAway, because I don't know enough about your compartment syndrome. I'm assuming you have chronic CS, brought on by repetitive exercise. Was that running, or something different and how are you being treated?

Maybe you could be using this period of recovery to do core strengthening exercises/weights, which will help your running in the future anyway, but wouldn't put as much pressure on your legs now?

I would say your GP/physio would be the ones to offer the best advice :)

Good luck! :)

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It is chronic indeed - it initially became apparent nearly 2 years ago when I attempted running before, so I just sort of stopped it, I tried them cycling (indoors) but I get the same muscle burning in my knees, so I stopped doing that also.

Have a consultancy appointment next week, where I will hopefully be referred for surgery, it doesn't just affect exercise anymore, it's everyday things like walking over a certain speed or walking up inclines, so really needs to be sorted - too young to be stuck to a slow walk all the time!

I never really thought too much about core and strength stuff alone, I always read it was best to do both together, I guess it wouldn't hurt. It's just getting the motivation. do you have any recommendations for some workouts...?


It sounds absolutely horrible and I hope they get it sorted asap, for you.

There are heaps of things here for you


We had a member that was nursing an injury and for a long time, did weights only. She altered her body shape massively! Maybe it could work for you too? :)



May I suggest swimming great core exercising for body shape and recovery if you do face surgery. Swimming is one exercise that does not stress the joints but builds muscles. Best of luck.


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