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1 week in

1 week in

Hello everyone,

I am really pleased with my first weigh in. I have lost 2lbs and considering I have spent most of the week lying in bed getting over my operation I am really happy with the result. The nurses are very impressed with how well I am healing and I started back at work full-time today.

I have been reading lots of your posts and picked up some great tips. I have eaten so healthily this week, the best in years! I have been making everything from scratch including veg chili with brown rice, Jamie Oliver's superfood curry and inspired by Sailsalot's post yesterday about winter comfort eating I made a great big batch of curried carrot and spinach soup which you can see in the photo.

I feel great and even more motivated by this week's weight loss. I am determined to never see 17st on the scales ever again in my life. This community is amazing and is helping me so much.

Here's to many more successful weigh-ins :)

BTW how do you tag people's name in a post so they know you have referred to their wonderful tips?

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Hi Rosa,

Firstly, your soup looks delicious, and I'm so glad you're recovering and healing well.

To tag people's names, you just put this sign @ and then begin the person's name, and a drop-down box should appear with the list of names, and you can select from the list to choose the person you want to tag.

So, to tag you, I would write @ and then your name Recovering-Rosa - but I wouldn't leave a space, so here goes: Recovering-Rosa

Try to tag me back, or choose someone else to tag to test it out! I had to write 3 of your letters in your name before I saw your actual name, and could then select it. I think it will vary how many letters you need to type, depending on how many people have similar names to yourself.

Hope that helps.

Lowcal :-)


Zest Hurray it worked, thank you!

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Soup looks really yummy and your other recipes sound delicious! Fantastic results for your first weigh in well done! 👍🏻


Hi Rosa - the soup looks great - can you post the recipe? Please

Best of luck on your recovery



I kind of bunged it all together really :)

2 veg stock cubes, tsp garam massala, tsp ground cumin, tsp ground coriander, tsp cayenne pepper, tsp turmeric, all dissolved in a pint of boiling water.

Put it all in a pot with loads of chopped up carrots, half a bag of spinach, 1 onion and 2 cloves of garlic.

Bubble away until the carrots have softened, then blend.

I also added a glug of balsamic vinegar because I like that with everything : )

Serve in a bowl and plop in a bit of 0% fat natural yogurt, give it a swirl to look pretty and a sprinkle of fresh coriander on top :)


Like the tip about balsamic - a little vinegar can really help soups, sauces and dressings along


Great start Rosa especially as you have so much to deal with at the moment - keep it going


Glad you are feeling better and enjoying your new lifestyle change and congrats on the first 2lbs lost👍😊


That is a great achievement. And cooking after an operation shows commendable dedication to your healthy lifestyle. Get well soon 😀


Hi Rosa glad your recovering well & lost 2lb as well that's brilliant 😀


That's fantastic,keep going xx


Well done losing 2lbs that is a great start! Soup looks tasty, mine tend to be of the bung it all in variety too, I usually add 100g of red split lentils to the veg and spices for a bit of protein, need to add a bit more water. Drained beans of some sort like borlotti or butter beans added after blitzing also help fill you up for longer. Hope all goes well with the weight loss, best wishes.


I agree it looks delicious, I also like a bit of spice in my soups. I found that an experimental approach really helped to keep things interesting, keeping trying new vegetables, spices and combinations. Also posting recipes from time to time is great as you always get a few nice ideas back! My suggestion is sweet potato and coconut soup. Bake the sweet potatoes whole then remove skin and blend with softened onions, stock and coconut milk. Add a little spice - something thai helps e.g. chilli, lemongrass, coriander and lime. But not too much as the main flavour should be the sweet potato.

Good luck and keep going. Those 16s are all yours now (until you see 15s that is). Hope your 1st week back at work goes okay :)


Soup looks amazing! made my tummy rumble! :) well done on your fab weight loss!


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