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New to the forum

I'm really new to posting on forums as I've never done this before therefore I'm not sure how it works anyway I'm looking for all the help and support I can get. After avoiding the scales for many months I finally decided to step on some tonight and my heart just sank. At 16st 10lb I'm absolutely gutted with myself for letting myself eat my way to obesity🙁🙁. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated

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Hi Gayle41,

Welcome to the NHS weight loss forum. I'm giving you a link to our Welcome Newbie post:


If you read that, you'll see some of the things people like about the forum, and it should be a helpful starting point.

I know how daunting that first weigh-in can be, and please don't hold onto that feeling of being gutted by your initial weight - hopefully you'll be on a road to being slimmer, healthy and feeling good - once you start your weight loss journey, and we can help support you on that journey. I was 18 stone 8 pounds at my heaviest, and I've lost approx 5 stone, and feel so much better. I remember feeling daunted at the start of my journey, but people in this forum have helped me along the journey, and it's a really inspiring place to be.

I'd recommend the NHS 12 week plan, as it's really good - a great structure and definitely worth a look.

Have a great week, and maybe join us for the Monday group weigh-ins, if you like the idea of weighing alongside supportive and friendly people - and join in any of the Challenges in the Pinned posts area - there are some great things going on, and you can join in with as many as you like.

Have a great week.

Lowcal :-)


I was 18st 11.75lbs when I started - despite your disappointment with your current weight you've done the most important thing by facing up to it and starting this journey - well done


Hi and welcome from me too.

Lowcal has pointed you in the right direction just check your calorie allowance using the BMI checker, I go to the lowest end of the range just in case I don't count up my calories correctly.

I started this journey after family issues and depression and finally weighing in at 17.1 stone wondering how had I neglected myself so much. Now. Nearly 6 months on I have lost 3 stone and feel so much better even my aching knees and hip has reduced greatly. I am finding myself getting a little stuck now but before I joined the forum I would have given up now with encouragement and advice on here I am keeping on my mission.

Start by downloading week 1 of the plan, drink plenty of water and up the steps/exercise.

Today is the heaviest you will be because tomorrow is the start of your new healthy lifestyle and together with everyone on the forum we can do this.

Make yourself a small first goal, when I started I put £63 in £1 coins in a jar as I loose weight I transfer them into another jar when I have moved them all I will have lost 41/2 stone and £63 to buy myself something nice.

Other option just promise yourself a non food treat for every 1/2 stone you loose.

Good luck, keep posting how you are doing. Bev 👍😊


You are amongst lots of like minded people who have often had similar thoughts and feelings. It can feel negative to see a number on the scales that is worrying but you have turned it into a positive by joining the forum😀 my tip is to set mini goals and try not to think in terms of total weight loss which can be a little disheartening. Good luck 😀


Welcome to his lovely supportive forum

My advice would be to keep in touch, keep posting , and keep reading al the wonderful top tips on here.

You can do it :-)


Hi Gayle like you I've never done anything like this don't worry since I joined 6 weeks ago it's been brilliant lots of support tips & information available & I'm losing weight steadily 1-2 lbs a week without feeling hungry using the BMI checker means I'm eating the right amount of calories for my weight . Have a great week 😀


Hi and welcome

Have a good look around and especially at the info that Lowcal has given you

This is a great friendly supportive forum

good luck on your journey :)


Hi Gayle ,

Feeling gutted is in the past now. You've decided to make the change and are cracking on, so there's everything to feel positive about. You've taken control of your future, so all power to you! Good luck and remember why you started.


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