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Looking to lose 20 kilos by next summer

Hi all,

I'm looking to lose about 200 kilos by next summer for a few reasons. Background being, I recently broke my ACL and had surgery on it in the summer. I haven't been able to get back into sports or any significant cardio since and have put a lot of weight on as a result, going from 90 kilos to 110 in a year. I never noticed the weight increase until recently when some of my clothes started getting a bit tighter and some don't even fit me any more sadly. I know losing it is a lot harder then gaining and was wondering whether any one had ideas or tips that could help me get back to my regular weight by next June/July time. My plan is:

. Start on the 5:2 diet and restrict myself to below 2,000 calories for the other 5 days.

. Go gym 3 times a week. I recently started going and usually do around 20 odd minutes of walking on the treadmill and the same on the bike, and then some time on the weight machines.

I'm not sure what else there is I can do until I can start running again which is still 3-4 months off. Are there any other supplements or diets I can go on that would help me? And is my goal even realistic? I have read a few articles on here of people also doing the same but they aren't very in depth with detail.


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I reckon ,losing is easy, unless you have major health issues, such as thyroid that prevent it. I have digestive probs due to hormones, largely managed tho.

Take a serious look at your diet, you may have been eating quite a bit, without knowing your age and stuff, the NHS 12 week plan, seems good for lots here.

5.2 can seem extreme, personally I've always favoured calorie counting it def works for me, I have to accountable to myself, and totally accept responsibility for my actions.

It's great here having so much support and help, with determination and a plan you will get there


Hi and welcome. I haven't tried the 5:2 diet so I can't comment on that. But your goal is very realistic. 0.5 kg/week is definitely achievable and sound.

I have lost 13 kg on the NHS 12 week plan nhs.uk/livewell/weight-loss... and can definitely recommed it. I lost quickly in the beginning but later in it slowed down. You can have a look at my profile to see my journey.

I started by finding out my BMI, my healthy weight range and the recommended calorie range nhs.uk/tools/pages/healthyw...

The best tool to count calories - in my opinion - is My Fitness Pal. Very easy to use and once you have made a user profile, you can access it on your computer as well as your mobile phone.

Good luck on your weight loss!



So using the NHS plan, you were losing a kilo a week? That's quite incredible. How many calories do you need per day and how many did you cut down to? I've just used the link you sent me and I need between 2,034 and 3000 calories a day. If I want to lose a kilo a week, how many calories should I be cutting down to per day?



No, I have been following the 12 week plan for more than 12 weeks😄 My initial range was 1500-1900 calories and on 1500 I lost 1 kg a week in the very beginning, but as I reached a healthy BMI, it slowed down dramatically. I am still losing a bit of weight on 1400 calories though. Click on my name and see my introduction to see my weight loss week by week.

The recommended calorie range is what you, based on you height, age and weight, can currently take in and still lose weight. The lower end of the range will make you lose 1-2 lbs (or a bit more in the beginning), but I wouldn't start there! Have a go at 2500 calories pr day for a week and see where it takes you. You will be doing this for a while, so don't starve yourself and make sure it's a sustainable weight loss.

If you want a 'second opinion' about how many calories you can take in, My Fitness Pal can also give you a suggestion, it is my experience that they give you a little less.

Tracking your progress is very motivating and tracking your calorie intake is very educational, but be brutally honest with yourself. Make sure nothing goes in your mouth without it being registered on My Fitness Pal.



Thanks for the reply. Been using the MyFitness app for a few days and it does help with keeping track of what I've eaten and how many calories I can eat. I plan to start the diet listen on this site from next Monday and will see how that works for a while.

All the best.



I'm looking to lose about the same amount! Hopefully, we can support each other. I'm currently in Saudi Arabia, and the gyms here for women are few and far between. But, I'm going to pay their outrageous fee so that I can swim, which is something I'd also suggest for you. For me, it's very effective cardio.

I have arthritis in my knees, so the treadmill is out for me. But, the bicycle works wonders!

I'm just finishing up the 10 day detox diet, and I lost 2.2 kilos in one week. I'm not sure how I will proceed from here, but I know that I need to restrict bread and sugar products. You can find the guidelines for the diet on the Dr Oz website.

One day at a time!



Many thanks for your reply. Its interesting to see someone else with similar running problems as myself. Swimming isn't really my favourite exercise, although I do like the bike and cross trainers. Ill check out the Dr Oz diet too but ive tried many fad diets and never really benefited from any.

All the best

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Hi, I've been on vacation for a few days, and gained .6 kg - but only because I was walking a lot! I'm going back on the 10 day cleansing diet until I can work out something that is a bit more practical. It's really hard for me to stay away from bread. I'm currently working in Saudi Arabia, and they have a shortbread cookie called mahmoul, which I have a real weakness for. But one day at a time.


You just said it one day at a time! You can reach your goal with the support of this site. You are on your path. Swimming is an excellent exercise I'm a swimmer! I find very cardio myself will not tell you my age but have swam for an eternity. My husband has went to the Keto diet 2 years ago dropped 60 lbs in a year and has maintained. One does not eat breads, any sugars, beans, rice, flour products. You can have all the meat, butter, cheese, dairy, there is truly so many recipes to experiment with. We grill out often Lamb kabobs or similar grilled fish, now getting cold we will mostly do most steaks out. Take a look at that diet. The one on this site is excellent you could not go wrong as other have said calories counting being totally accountable to yourself. Everything going in every drop look at every label compare use vingar and oil salads. Everything must be logged not missed to know your true calories count for the day. Best wishes!

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