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Hey guys...not sure if yol still remember me...its been a while. Joined last year November weighing 106kg...started as a coal train if Moreless will remember. Lost touch with the support group i relocated back home and since I am absolutley bad with change I literally have nearly died due to stress...buuut I lost 16kg at a certain stage. 6kg came back...then lost 3...I think i am a 93kg right now. Still not a fan of weighing myself. I started running races..well lets say a race. Ran a 5k but the change is still kicking my ass so i am not back in circulation again. I also had a breast reduction which was one of the best decisions I could ever make. Back still kills me but its getting there. Oh well enough about me. I just am so sooo glad to be back and I am stoked that the regulars still exist. The day I moved from wearing a 46,44,42 to a size 38-36...i am slowly wishing to move to the 80kgs now. Weightloss is sooo difficult...hello again guys sorry for my essay


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  • HI Thule1986,

    Welcome back!!! Great to see you again, and I am sure moreless will remember the 'Coal train' reference - I remember you liked Chicken dinners with veggies, which is something I also enjoy a lot too. :-)

    When you were here last (a year ago) I don't think we had the 'Welcome Newbie' post, so do have a read and catch up with things, and also check out our Challenges in the Pinned posts area - lots going on.

    I know you dislike weighing, but feel free to join the Monday group weigh-in if you would like to, as you'd be very welcome.

    Good luck!

    Have a great week, and Welcome Back!!! :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal...i m happy sm1 still remembers me...still love the chicken...I m yet to buy a scale which i think I m goina do nw since i wanna dig deeper into da weightloss mode...since I hv great faith its doable. Guess what? One of the first things i did was read the post...thanks for creating it...next i will check the challenges...thanks a load its great to be back

  • moreless put the Welcome Newbie post together, she is amazing!!!! :-) Glad you read it and that you found it helpful. The Challenges are great - I've joined in most of them - they really do help with motivation, and I hope you'll enjoy them too. Glad you're happy to be back, and I'm happy you're back. :-)

  • Did not realise how much i missed this place till now...i will buy the scale next week tuesday for these two Mondays will just put in my 93 unless i get a pharmacy scale btwn the Mondays...but highly unlikely...going to check the challenges right now...oh n I finally got a blender so i make smoothies nw

  • Welcome back Thule! I wondered what had happened to my fellow steam train! ;)

    Well done for surviving the change and breast reduction AND losing 13kg!! WTG you! I look forward to catching up with everything :)

    I'm a runner now too....................well, a tortoise and we have a running club. I hope you'll join us! :)


    I know you don't like weighing yourself, but how about joining us at the Monday Group Weigh-in tomorrow? You won't regret it :)

    See you at the challenges! :)

  • Lemme post right now...I have missed you soooo

  • Welcome back and well done on climbing back up onto the weight loss wagon 😊 You have managed to maintain your previous loss too which is good news 😊

    I also try not to focus too much on the scales, I like to use clothes size, tape measure, and general fitness as my indicators 😊

  • I giggled at least now you can see the scale! Welcome back I was here but hiding in the shadows I do recall you. So happy you are back and you will make a success of it this time with all the support around. Have a wonderful day.

  • Thank you guys...feel so at home

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