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Healthy Pumpkin Recipes (2)

DartmoorDumplingSuper Trier

I found a Risotto recipe which I made using my slow cooker, and this was very tasty; (picture attached). It includes diced pumpkin, leeks, chopped bacon rashers, long grain rice, chicken stock, a little butter and seasoning. Start the vegetables and bacon in the microwave until softened (5 mins on high) and add to the rice and stock in the slow cooker and leave for a couple of hours until all the liquid has been absorbed (add more liquid if necessary until the rice is cooked). Serve as a meal on its own or as an accompaniment to chicken etc.

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Never thought to do risotto in slow cooker 😊 Looks tasty 😊

Ruby81 stone

I love risotto, and that sounds like a good recipe!

use my slow cooker loads and I love risotto 😊

in reply to Caz28

I do too

Lizzie-b2 stone

Wow thank you for the recipe! I had pumpkin risotto for the first time a few weeks ago and loved it but wouldn't stand over a pan stirring for an age just for me so this is a great idea!

Looks scrumptious 😊

kath50Restart Jan 2020

Sounds and looks lovely 🍴

ZestHealthy BMI

Wow, I LOVE Risotto - this is a really great recipe, and it looks so delicious!!! :-)

If you use barley instead of rice it saves you from having to keep stirring. I make a leek risotto using barley. Will definitely try adding pumpkin. Great colours :)

in reply to Ruth_canal_runner

Apparently in some places you can buy spelt couscous

in reply to Diana

I always forget about couscous...

Marylou54Super Trier

Love the sound of this! Need to be using slow cooker etc as my oven blew up a few days ago..... Have to begin to think outside the box in a lot of areas of life I have just suddenly realised. Thanks for the recipe and the unwitting life prompt too, DD!!

in reply to Marylou54

You realise a slowcooker can do more than you imagined, when you google sites, I have a 6 ltr one, hardly ever use it, will be good for bulk stuff tho

I'm going to try this. I have a pumpkin that I wasn't sure what to do with and I have a slow cooker that I hardly ever use.

in reply to Cristalmundo

You can do much with them, even bake a potato wrapped in foil, it sweats so is best baked afterwards tho, crockpot site have a pizza recipe too, deserts, casseroles, soups, make it to earn it space

in reply to Diana

Thank you - I really need to do that because space is a real issue in my house.

I have a can of pumpkin left over think I will try using the recipe with can. I have a squash on the cabinet needing to be used this will used later in the week for that, and a small pumpkin when my husband goes on business for the next week I'll cup up and invite a friend. Thanks for sharing sounds so yummy!

Looks delicious, DD. Good to see you're helping the left over pumpkins out.

feelgood41Restart Sept 2019

This will make me start to use my slow cooker which is very lonely at the moment! It looks a great recipe thank you

i will try that

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