its complicated

its complicated

I'm trying to lose weight as I'm 20stone and trying for a baby but my other conditions complicate things a lot, I was diagnosed with an eating disorder, binge eating disorder, sometimes it can be had to stop eating, though I have got better I make better choices and I stopped the secret night binges. it took 15yrs to conker. I also have type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovary syndrome, and fibromyalgia, I'm in the middle of a flair effects my arms, hands mainly. I am also bipolar and have social anxiety which sometimes can effect my appetite

I have cut down on my food, I cook everything from scratch. I exercise when I can as I get a lot pain. my weight don't seem to go up or down.

any advice?


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  • Hello just need to get counting calories, I think maybe you are in 'portion distortion mode', the NHS 12 plan gives you great ideas, also remember you need to eat enough to lose too

  • I found when I was having that bad spell recently that I stopped weighing my cereal every day (among other things). Now I've hopefully got my head back in the right frame of mind and so I've started weighing out my cereal portion again every day, it takes hardly any time at all and is so worth it. I was totally shocked at how much smaller the portion was. I had been giving myself too much at every sitting. I guess I was just pouring it in til the bowl was full up without really thinking about it at all. Now I've gone back to weighing portions again, because it seems my judgment isn't very good on portion sizes so it's safer to measure or weigh in some form to know exactly what calories are in everything. So I think, among other things, I also had a spot of portion distortion over the last few months - it's a very real factor and a great point you mention, Diana!

  • I must confess I still do weigh my weigh my dry rice 1/4 cup , which is half a portion, it always looks enough when cooked, add in such things as weighing cheeses ( very strong cheddar), easy enough to do, I still seem to check stuff in supermarkets for labels etc

  • Yes, particularly the things which are heavy in calories, I weigh my cheese, anything like chicken/pork etc which isn't in a portion size with the calories on the packet, I weigh that too. I was getting my cheese wrong by about 20g which is a lot of extra calories over the months! Also, things like pasta are deceiving because you think you need to put in more than you actually do, so it's just gotta be weighed for me, particularly when the anxiety element kicks in, I can be uber worried about stuff lol. The digital kitchen scales give me peace of mind and they are one of the best investments I ever made!

  • i do try to cut the portion down. does the plan include snacks?

  • Well it can, depending on what they are, a portion of protein is 100g, roughly the inside of your palm. Whilst that sounds tough , you can pack it out with lots of veg/salad

    Use a bmr ( basic metabolic rate) calculator, the good ones, ask you for your weight, height and activity level and work out your calorie levels............bear in mind that ladies of my age ( 54, and menopasal) need lower carbs, for hormones and weight

  • I was in m and s earlier, some of their portions are far too big, risotto, that would have fed at least 3 adults said 2, I was amazed, but then I've re adjusted my minds eye and stomach to see what I need

  • Hi wannababy i too have fibromyalgia and other health problems that prevent me from exercising but the good news is that i was still able to lose 3st7lb since October2016 you have came to the right forum you will get lot's of help and advice on here. It's a really friendly group , good luck👍👍

  • Lol i meant2015 That's the fibro fog😔

  • You have a long list of "negatives" in your post and I appreciate your life hasn't been easy ... maybe try thinking from a different angle; the rest of your life starts today; you can get in the driving seat and make choices. Choose to be a positive person, who takes control and plans ahead. Don't just let life happen to you - decide to make things happen!

    The first and easiest thing is to get a calorie counter and log your food. Plan some walks, look into an aqua aerobics class (your GP might advise you), ask the family to help by removing temptation. Remind yourself that the pain will be less when your body is carrying a lighter load (imagine walking up a hill with two carrier bags full of baked beans in each hand) - every pound lost is one tin can off your load.

    Look for other sources of comfort to distract you when you are feeling rough; play some lovely music, read some escapist stories to take you out of yourself. Make some winter soups and spicy teas instead of eating for comfort. Eat enough fruit and vegetables, good protein foods and slow-release foods like porridge to keep you full. Chat on this forum and let us know how things go? Good luck - tell yourself you are worth it!

  • I agree 😊 Tell yourself YOU are in charge, that you CAN do this 😊 Every time you are tempted as yourself what would you rather have?? You have the best reason in the world for getting fit and healthy, and you have overcome quite a lot already, you are obviously a strong person 😊

    Very best wishes 😊

  • hi I do lot of crafting but my main passion is cooking and baking. I seem to buy£12 worth of veg I snack on carrots at night.

  • If you like cooking, get inventive in the kitchen; make some "alternative" recipes using low fat and low sugar ingredients (swap sugar with mashed banana for example, replace butter with small amounts of olive oil)... share your ideas on here if they turn out well?

  • Perhaps have a look at The Blood Sugar Diet by Michael Mosley, along with the 12 week plan? Good luck Wannababy.

  • I found calorie counting helpful with my fitnesspal and learning to practice mindfulness. I would however suggest that with your symptoms you spend a little while reading the health unlocked thyroid uk forum. Thyroid issues often go undiagnosed by standard NHS blood test and people can be ill for many years with thyroid issues without getting the help they need.

    I had a baby some years back with similar issues to yourself but found it very hard to cope because of fatigue. I am much better now due to thyroid treatment and living life to the full and enjoying my boys. Polycystic ovarys can disappear with correct thyroid meds. Dont know if mine has.

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