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I'm Daft

So was talking with a friend last Nite not seen him in yrs and hes also in bad shape like me with his weight and other problems blah blah blah so after talking for a hr we both said we need to meet up and do exercises together which is awesome but omg we both agreed to do something which is going to be fun but hard as hell, we are going to meet up on 19th this month and do Kinder Scout Walk for anyone not sure what it is link below. Its a hard walk 9miles long that takes a fit person 5 hrs so we looking at 12hrd lol a army friend is coming with us too just incase we have to camp the nite or get in trouble so wish me luck on this one as i think i will need it


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Enjoy your walk in beautiful Derbyshire 😊 I was born within spitting distance of Kinder 😊❤️😊

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