Hi, just introducing myself. I am 48 and have about 4 and a half stone to lose. Feel like I have been losing and gaining for years now and really have to get a grip! I am a carer for my son and at home all day. Really struggle with constant snacking. I feel like I have no self control and saying NO to myself.

So hoping that getting involved in this forum will give me the motivation to stop the yo-yo dieting and finally lose this weight.


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  • Posting in here and responding to others helps to distract the mind from food. You also get to see what different people find helps them. I've only been here a week and I take a lot of comfort from what I read. No-one in here is ever alone; at least not for very long.

  • Thanks. I think it will really help.

  • Hi Sunshinebuddy,

    Welcome to the NHS Weight Loss Forum here on HealthUnlocked - this forum is a great place for support, motivation and inspiration to lose weight. :)

    Take a look at the NHS 12 Week Plan, it contains recipes and exercise plans to follow for the first twelve weeks of your journey. :)

    Take a look at the left of your screen (bottom if you're using a mobile device) and find the 'Pinned Posts' section, here you can find various challenges that are going on in the forum (take part in whatever ones take your fancy - if any do at all!), there is also a recipe collation there and any important posts from Admin :D

    Also to your left is the 'Topics' area, here you can find posts related to each topic, it's good if you are looking for something specific

    The Monday Group Weigh In takes place weekly and is posted alternately by Zest and moreless (I suggest you follow them, they are also our site admins), a morning session post is put live just before 06:30 and runs until midday, while the afternoon session runs from midday until 18:00 on the Friday of that week - the Afternoon session from the Monday just passed is still open, and is until 18:00 today, so why not go over and post your starting weight there? :P

    All that remains is to wish you a great first week on the forum - be involved because it's where we get our boost each day :)

    Rob :P

  • Thanks. Will check out everything!

  • Great!

    If you have any queries, please ask!

    Rob :D

  • Hello, welcome! youve got a challenging job there with being a carer, so dont beat yourself up for snacking. food can be a distraction and a comfort, no doubt about it.

    However now youve joined the forum im sure you will succeed in changing your habits. you can come on here instead of those extra snacks, and you will find lots of support and encouragement.

    Wishing you lots of success

    Hedgehog xx

  • Looking forward to changing. Thanks.

  • This forum is going to really suit you when you need that willpower boost. Welcome and looking forward to seeing you post again. Xx

  • Many thanks. Looking forward to it.

  • Hi. Me too would like to loose about 3/4 stone - I am knew tobthisgroup to ! So good luck to you 😊😊 everyone seems so friendly on here too ! 👍🏻

  • Good luck to you too

  • Hi sb I have recently started the 12 week plan myself so I know what you are going through. I have found the best method for me anyhow for giving up unwanted snacks, replace them with guilt free snacks. I have a box marked Helens healthy snack box at work and at home inside is boxes of raisins, other dried fruit and Nakd bars which I save for moments of need as they are rather special. However I still portion control these snacks it seems to be working for me, just thought I would share.

  • oh I just love the Bakewell nakd bars 😊

  • Good idea. I know if I have one biscuit, I'll eat the packet!

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