I need to get motivated please someone kick me!!

Hey guys I've been here a while but haven't posted in ages. When I first joined I was weighing 18st 9lbs I'm now 15st 8lbs. So I've lost 3 stone. But I just can't get motivated to do anything.

I did have a fall and fracture my ankle recently but even before that I have slowed down on the excersise and eating a few worse bits here and there

Can anyone or everyone give me the massive kick up my bum I seriously need. I don't want to get to xmas and mess it all up!! Xxx


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10 Replies

  • Hello, picture this, remember the song? Picture your future, to a healthier you, ( and rewind 3 stone heavier) and all the things life will be easier with.

    We have roughly 7 weeks till Christmas, maybe a Christmas do, I want you to imagine wearing ( maybe buying something lovely) something that makes you feel special. The lovely comments you'll get, and how healthy you look.

    You need to get back on track, as in now, you know how and why, I know your ankle is not good, do what armchair stuff you can..............I'm sure there are some others, here who will inspire and help you too

  • I think a 3 stone weight loss is very inspirational so I can certainly understand that you don't want to go backwards. I finished the 12 week Nhs plan the first time but am going through it again just so that I can keep my eye on the ball, would that help? It is really hard if you have hurt your ankle, could you do some of the low impact videos on youtube. Denise Austin does a low impact dance workout that I really like. Also keep posting when you are feeling tempted I always get excellent advice on here. Good luck.

  • Awww thanks guys. I know I need to keep going so now my ankle is a bit better I'm trying to walk my 10000 steps again. I'm going to upgrade my Fitbit flex to a flex 2 and go swimming cos this is waterproof. Hopefully that will be good excersise and won't hurt my ankle too much, unsure if my cycle is a good idea? X

  • I am not sure, it probably doesn't seem like a good idea. Have you had physiotherapy? Maybe they could steer you in the right direction. :)

  • No I haven't. It seams to be healing pretty quickly just still a bit sore

  • Maybe you should check it out with a professional before doing anything too strenuous. It would be awful if you hurt it more. :) good luck.

  • Hi Angel4031,

    Your 3 stone weight loss is definitely very inspirational, and please let either myself or moreless know if you'd like a 3 stone weight loss Badge to mark that achievement. We'd be very happy to award you one, if you would like one. So just let either of us know.

    Please be careful with your injury, and be kind to yourself too.

    Wishing you a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Awwww thanks. Yes that might motivate me when I log on here to see what I've already achieved!!! When I started I thought the 8 stone target I'd set seamed unrealistic now it looks slightly less so!

    Thanks x

  • ok! I'll get that lovely shiny badge ready, and it will be with you in a jiffy! Congratulations!!! :-)

  • What an achievement, well done you. On the way to be a new you! I'm in awe, good work!

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