"Skinny Fat" & annoying belly

So I'm a Skinny Fatty. Size 10, don't mind how wide I am or what I weigh but my natural build is tall and slim, it's this random excess fat all concentrated on my stomach that really bothers me. I have to buy pants in a bigger size just to accommodate the belly even though they don't fit in other areas as I have normal sized other parts. Ugh :(


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  • Some suggestions here.


  • Good stuff, reduced carbs, I eat a lot less than I used to, I do eat a sandwich and some carbs ( I tend to have small roll, dinner 1/2 portion of rice, or rice pasta/spelt/kamut, I tend to be quite sensitive to normal pasta).

    Started having creme friache for breakfast ( yoghurt of any sort is too acidic) with fruit, and about 1/2 a teasp of honey, either that or nut butter on toast and fruit.

    I am finding I have more 'belly' fat due to menopasal state, which is annoying, tackling the causes tho, and thinner than I've been in years

  • Is it, hormonal? I know it can be

  • True some is hormonal. We can exercise and eat a balance diet low in carb's, moderate protein which includes meat and fish. Leafy greens and veggie's to round things out. I have found increasing my exercise both in a gym and walking to be the beast help.

  • Visceral fat emanates from fatty liver. Reduce your intake of foods that cause insulin to spike such as high Gi foods glycemicindex.com and anomalies such as baked beans or fruit yoghurt. Also, minimise fructose and alcohol intake which have to be processed in the liver, with any excess contributing to the harmful lipids and conditions such as insulin resistance.

    Keep carb intake to about 40g per meal phcuk.org/wp-content/upload... mostly from low Gi vegetables.

    Have 3/4 palm size of protein at most meals, the balance made up with natural fat.

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