Good Afternoon All

Good Afternoon All

Good Afternoon You Wondeful People

not posted much last few days man flu got the best of me that bad almost got Vicar in to do my last rites lol (wasn't that bad) but wife says i was but enough of that. not been to gym or exercised at home shame on me only good thing about it was i didnt eat much too lol and Molly our sweet little kitten wouldn't leave me alone

may try gym in morning and try to eat a touch more i will never lose this bloody 21lbs to get into 200's

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  • Hi Richard,

    Please be careful not to overdo things after suffering from your man flu - look after yourself! Your health is the most important thing, and I'm glad that your sweet kitten Molly, and your lovely wife have been looking after you! Not necessarily in that order, of course! :-)

    I am also recovering too, but I'm going to be careful - colds can linger on for AGES if you're not careful - so best to pace things!

    Have a great day!

    Lowcal :-)

  • Beautiful kitty! Wishing you both super speedy recoveries, Lowcal and Richard. be good to yourself, and listen to lowcal, Richard- wait till you are properly recovered before going back to the gym. ☺

    stay warm and rested, glad youre both feeling a bit better. πŸ‘


  • Go easy after your man flu

    Rules are if illness above your neck go for it if below go slow.

  • Sorry you've been unwell, cat love a special thing............lucky man, and a wife too.

    Just listen, health is more important than weight for now, get really well first pls!

  • Sorry you are feeling unwell πŸ˜• When I was ill in the summer my weight loss went haywire 😜 But it's important to rest so you can heal or it will take much longer 😊 Best wishes

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