Back to my normal Thursday morning weigh in

Six weeks ago today I started this journey

It's the best thing I've ever done

Life felt sad, youngest and last child had gone off to uni

Husband working away all week to pay for her and her brother's education

Stuck at home alone except for the furry feline one

Work causing me some considerable heartache

Feeling huge (nearly 9 stones to lose), in pain and far more sorry for myself than I should

So a friend showed me the way to this plan

Six weeks on.....

A total of 1 stone 3.25lbs less

And a work colleague yesterday said - tell me about your diet you look like you've got your old buzz back

What greater incentive is there to continue

Thanks dear friend for pointing me in the right direction and thanks to everyone else for your valued encouragement

Here's to Week 7 - bring it on!


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8 Replies

  • This is a lovely positive read and a perfect start to the day, Annabelle, thanks so much for sharing :)

    I'm delighted that everything is working out so well for you and that you've had so much success! How marvellous that your work colleague can see the change in you and that you're back to your old, buzzing self! In another 6 weeks, they'll hardly recognise you again, because you'll not only be much slimmer, but you'll be positively sparkling! :)

    Keep up the great work and wishing you a fantabulous week 7! :)

    PS Time to change that newbie badge for a 1 stone badge! :)

  • Well done and fantastic weight loss too. It's hard when your husband works away from home even with kids so when you are on your own it must be even worse.

    Like yourself I am so pleased I found this forum it's been my saviour, a birthday and Christmas present to myself. I couldn't do it without the help, support and advice everyone here gives also it's a place to talk when you feel the food devil on your shoulder.

    Keep on with your hard work, people are noticing so it's clearly visibly paying off and imagine what your youngest will say when they next come home from uni. Hope you have a fab day the sun is out here this morning yay!!! Bev⭐️👍😊

  • That is such an inspiring read. Many congratulations to you for doing so well, so far. I know you have had some temptations put in your way, but to have your 1 stone badge already shows your determination.

    Take all the compliments you are given - they are obviously well deserved.

    Your story will keep me going today. :)

  • Congratulations on your success, you are doing really well.That all sounds familiar to me! Very similar circumstances lead me to gain weight, comfort eating as missed my daughter when she left. It took me a couple of years before I made a determined effort to get it off, but very glad I did. It's easier in some ways as you have more time to concentrate on your own health once they have left home. Good luck, look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

  • What a positive post to read first thing on a Thursday! very happy for you and the progress you've made :) well done on the changes you've achieved so far!

  • That's brilliant news Annabelle_Bebbs. I've had a little stumble over the past week which saw me in A&E. Someone's telling me to calm down x

  • Now your studies are completed it's time to chill methinks x

  • Oh wow! What a fabulous post to wake up to Annabelle_Bebbs 😊

    You are doing very well 😊 So happy for you 😊

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