Please don't let me carry on!

Oh, my goodness! It's SO bad.

Since the middle of April I have lost over 4 stones I am very pleased with that BUT I still have a way to go.

Since I came back from our wonderful Italian holiday in September I haven't been doing so well. I put on 2 lbs over the holiday. I have slowed down so much since then.......I have only lost 8 lbs since then. I know that it's good to lose it slowly, but this week I've put on half a lb.

I know what I'm like and I don't want to spoil it all. You see, I have not been thinking straight lately. For example Sunday I had lasagne, on Monday I had a wonderful Mexican meal with my daughter. Today I just had 3 sausages ( pig!) as well as a stuffed mushroom (large) and some parmentier potatoes. That's not all - when I got home from work at 4.15 today I had a toasted crust and butter, and I snuffled two lollies left over from the trick or treat sweets.

I can't carry on like this otherwise I will give up and go back to my bad ways. I really don't want to, which is why I'm confessing and asking for support. I don't want to be lost and do all this for nothing. I felt good when I lost the weight, and now I just feel bloated and ashamed of my greedy ways. πŸ™

When I said to my husband as we were clearing away after dinner that it was not a good dinner and I must not do that again, he said it would be like the darling old dog saying that he'd turned vegetarian and didn't want meat for dinner any more thanks!! In other words my husband doesn't think I will carry on losing weight. That was tough to deal with. I SO don't want him to be right.

Please help this lost soul. πŸ™


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  • We all have difficult weeks, but healthy eating is an attitude FOR LIFE.... and you are at least aware of what you have eaten; you won't therefore be too surprised if the scales reflect it.

    You already know how to lose weight, you have done it before and you can do it again.

    Occasionally, you might decide to have a week off, let go for a bit.... but eventually, (and hopefully not too long afterwards), you will resume the healthy eating patterns that lead to your weight loss.

    Take your husband's comments as a challenge; say to yourself you will prove him wrong! You can do it!

  • Thank you

  • Hi just wondering if you have joined the winter solstice challenge as there is about 7 1/2 weeks left now it could be something to set you back on track.

    I am also putting Β£1 for every pound lost away and going to donate food and toys etc to my local dog rescue centre that way I won't only be letting myself down if I stray off my weight loss.

    Good Luck Bev

  • Oh, thanks for the reply - I will search for the winter solstice challenge. 😊I'll try and get back on track.

  • On the pinned posts section to the right of the screen. You could just pledge to loose say 5lbs by 22nd December and then get yourself something sparkly to wear for Christmas.

  • I'll be waiting for you Jweanie, together, we can achieve anything! :)

  • Thank you, a good idea 😊

  • Jweanie - it happens to all of us! Sometimes we eat the wrong things or too much of a good thing. You have to make a decision to stop sabotaging yourself now and just get back in the game. Don't be hard on yourself, just put it behind you and start afresh. Tomorrow is a new day.

    Why don't you ask moreless or Zest for a 4 stone badge? Give yourself some credit for what you have achieved.

  • Iben, thank goodness you have your head screwed on! Of course Jweanie should have a badge! She sooooooo deserves it! :)

  • Yes she does!

  • Thank you, I might like a badge please 😊

  • That would be my pleasure Jweanie, wear it with pride, all the way over to the Winter Solstice challenge ;)

    Many congratulations! :)

  • Looking good on you!

  • Thank you - I do feel the colour is particularly sparkling! 😊

  • Yes, very much so!

  • You should be very proud of yourself for losing 4 stone! I set off this year determined to loose 3 stone and yet here I am still the same weight. You have also done amazing to come back from holiday with a 2lb gain, I can do that easily at home!! Luckily I found this community and I am starting to see that I can change and whilst it will take a while I am full of determination at present. Take each new day and try to make healthy choices. You know you can do it as you have already proved this by loosing 4 stone. Please keep going and keep posting on here 😊

  • Thank you, it's all much better today 😊

  • Well done on your weight loss. Remember that YOU have the power! you have proved you can do it, you just need to get back into the rhythm. it may feel awkward and an effort for a few days or a week, but then the results will encourage you, and youll feel back on form!

    Im giving this advice to myself aswell btw, as i have gone a bit wrong lately, and lost my weightloss groove.

    Good luck to us both- WOOT WOOT!!


  • Thank you albinohedgehog, We can do it! 😊

  • Well've had a blip, we all do, at the mo, you are seeing your failure, tiny compared to your huge loss, you know what to do!

    Give yourself a good chat, and tell yourself, it's time to back on track, and re tackle those pounds, after all we here at not aiming to fatten up for Christmas like the turkey!

  • Lol! You're quite right. I feel I have come to my senses today!

  • Hi. I think you've done an amazing job with you're weight loss. I've only just started out a couple of weeks ago & an already loosing my way. Your post has inspired me to try harder.

    I think taking your husbands comment as a challenge is a great idea. Why do they seem to encourage us to fail? You can get back on track as you've done it so well already.

    Good luck to you & everyone having a wobble

    Donster πŸ˜πŸ‘

  • Hi Donster, please keep trying - sometimes it is very hard, but it really is worth it. I feel so much better for losing the weight, both mentally and physically. So will you, I promise 😊😊

  • You sound just like me Jweanie πŸ˜• There always seems to be an excuse to eat out, or someone's birthday or something πŸ˜• Such is life. But you are still here, still being accountable, and still losing weight albeit slower than earlier in your journey 😊 You know what to do and have proved that you can do it 😊 A tip I was given was to focus on the memory of past achievements as a way of proving to yourself that you CAN do it, to reinforce the positivity 😊 Good luck and very best wishes 😊

  • Hello Anna,

    Yes, you're right, there is always things to try and break our resolve and we have to be strong. But also, we have to remember we are human and need to LIVE too! I guess as long as we keep on trying and stay on this site, we'll get there eventually..


  • Well congratulations on only gaining 2lbs on holiday! I gained five the last time I went... for a week! :) so i think that's very good going.

    It's hard to have a break in routine and then go back to being healthy. you've already lost an amazing amount of weight and you ARE still losing, so you aren't doing terribly or anything :) and half a lb is nothing, you'll lose that as soon as you start back on it! It's so easy to slide back to old habits completely so something has definitely stuck with you for you to keep on losing :) :) maybe try going back to basics? chuck out all the sweets etc. or hide them away from you and just plan some super healthy meals to kick start it.

    all the meals you mentioned CAN be eaten if you count the calories, so it isn't like you've gone out and had an all you can eat everyday or a take away :)

    Those meals are in the past so leave them there and try to get on top of it because you've already proven you can do this so you CAN get back on it and you will :) you'll start to feel amazing as soon as you've got it under control and only you can do that!

    Hopefully your husband was just speaking before engaging his brain, but use it as motivation to prove him wrong! our partners think they know us so well they don't question the impact of their words sometimes. My boyfriend told me I'd get "bored of trying" and "might never get there" when I bought a weighted hula hoop and it ticked me off SO much that I ache all over everyday but I CAN hula hoop now, sort of, and aim to be so good he eats his words! It hasn't been easy but it has made it worth all the aching! :)

    Don't beat yourself up about the food choices you've made just recently, Think about the choices you were making that have gotten you this far! remember that you're in control of what you eat and can change it around! :) you can do it!

  • Thank you kinbun (what a lovely name 😊)

    I am feeling much more positive again now thanks to all the support on here...and I'm not stressing over the last few days any more. I'll just get up and carry on again now 😊😊

  • Hi Jweanie. It is so hard when you are someone who likes food - me too! I find the only way I can keep on track is to write everything down that I eat and work out the calorie allowance. If I don't write it down then I don't eat it :) It is a little tedious but it works for me. This week is half term and with my son at home all week and my daughter back from Uni at the weekend I am not counting as we are out and about and its a bit difficult. But I have been picking here and there and eating much bigger dinners. Not really because I am hungry but because I am not keeping track as I don't have to record it all. I will be back on if from next Monday and hope to get back to my goal weight by Christmas. Sorry your husband is not very supportive but maybe you need to prove him wrong. Come on you can do this!!! :)

  • Hi Muffintop (another lovely name! 😊)

    Go for it! You can do it. I don't count calories because I get very frustrated trying to work out bits and pieces and it takes me too much time. I just am careful, and know after all these years, I think, what I shouldn't have and what is healthy food - as long as I don't have too much of it! When I first started back in April I did write everything down and it helped to start me off for the first few week. But then life got very busy again and I seem to do ok usually with not counting calories. Mind you, I do look at things very carefully at the supermarket before I buy! Good luck 😊😊

  • You have done so well so far so you know what works best for you. I always find it hard to get back into it after a holiday. I am sure now you have confessed you will be able to get back on track. Best of luck πŸ™‚

  • I am so impressed by your achievement Jweanie Over 4 stone lost - you have obviously learnt a lot and have some real determination.

    I was also thinking when I read your post, that you might like a 4 stone badge - and then I saw that others had had the same thought. Not obligatory, but I think you could wear it with pride, and I reckon that you will have to put the badge providers on alert that they need to start preparing your 5 stone badge.

    Just think about what you want, and how you will achieve living a healthier lifestyle by eating better for life, and move on from any unhelpful remarks.

    We are all here to support you.

    Oh, and very much looking forward to seeing you over on the sparkly Winter Solstice Challenge. :)

  • Oh, thank you, you're very kind....not sure about the Winter Solstice Challenge. I'm still a bit reluctant to share all about the weight πŸ™

  • Wow! I'm stunned by all your replies! Thank you all so much for taking the time and for caring.

    I am now back on the wagon. I had a four mile walk at 6o'clock this morning with the darling old dog, and eating wise I have been very good today. I feel I am well on my way to getting back on track.

    Thank you once again's good to know you're there. 😊😊😊❀️

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