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shocked, but shouldn't be suprized really


Sat here reading some really encouraging posts, thank you everyone. ! Myself I have really let things slid, I felt I was putting weight back on by how I feel and my clothes. Went and got in Boots and I gasped......glad it was only between the scale and myself. Over about a period of 3 weeks I have put on 6 lbs. It's hard to even type this. I am so disappointed in myself, and I have so much to look forward to coming up with office Christmas parties and weekends away that I would like to be 'slim' for. I had a good couple of years of ill health where I didn't really go 'out', now I can and I have let things slid. My first special night out is in 3 weeks, so that is my target, can I do it mentally and physically. I hope so.... I need to do this, for me.....x

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I'm in a similar place miamia 😕 But like you, I'm feeling very determined today 😊 We can do this!! 😊😊😊

The scales keep showing me numbers I don't want to see too, yes you're right at least it's only between us and the scales... and everyone on here! Good luck and hold onto that feeling of determination. Don't focus on the parties etc that might tempt you away from your well laid plans. Focus instead on all the acres of time in between and think of how you can take back control :)

Thank you. It is all about taking back control....totally agree...


It's so easy to let things slide! Last Christmas (over two weeks) I gained about half a stone!! It goes on so quickly and it is definitely unfair :p

Good luck reaching your target! :) You can do it!

Lherring4 stone

Don't let it get you down! Keep in your head how well you've done so far and restart with a fresh outlook! You can do it and it's great you have some outings to look forward to it should give you some motivation to work towards those goals! Keep at it! ;)

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so much to look forward to...have to do it...!


Well done miamia, for owning that number and not letting it own you! Now that you're back in the driving seat and are in control, you have 3 weeks to reverse the trend and I know you can do it! :)

We're all behind you 100% and rooting for you! Go and register your weight on the Monday group weigh-in thread (it's not too late), then sign up for the Winter Solstice challenge, for extra encouragement and the Kilometre Zero challenge for motivation to move more. Together, we can achieve anything! :)

Go miamia! :)

Thank you...

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