Portion Distortion

Portion Distortion

I started here today so I am on week 1, in which it suggests eating with a smaller plate. So like Kinbun I am trying out smaller portions. Here is a pic of tonight's healthy delights which looks like a lovely full plate but is in fact a side plate :)

I don't put much effort into cooking usually and often go for quick, easy, unhealthy options. In fact most evenings I pop into the supermarket on my way home from work to grab something quick but I am changing my lifestyle.

Actually this dish was quick and easy; steam a mountain of veg, mix with 2 eggs, chuck in a baking tray, sprinkle a very small amount of cheddar on top, bake and voila! And I've got enough left over to have cold for lunch tomorrow :)

It may not look that appealing but was quite scrummy and contained loads of fibre which is what I need right now following my op.


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9 Replies

  • This looks really appealing. Very colourful. I think I will try it out myself. Thank you for sharing and good luck on your weight loss journey.

  • Actually I think it looks really yum! :-)

  • This looks yummy. I agree I have started to realise as long as you plan right a healthy meal only takes a little longer than preparing processed foods and its much tastier 😀

  • It does look yummy and very healthy! :) the little bit of cheese just spruces it up a little bit! well done for making the effort to cook (even if it was quick!) as that's often half the battle :)

  • Thanks Kinbun 😊 I am already planning tonight's dinner!

  • Looks tasty to me! Well done for cooking and embracing a new lifestyle. Hope you recover quickly from your operation. Good luck!

  • Thank you Caz,

    I am sorry to hear of your health difficulties and hope you are fully recovered now. Your story is amazing, a real inspiration about how you can pick yourself up after a nasty knock.

    Congratulations for getting into the healthy BMI range. This is my overall goal, although I am building a list of smaller goals along the way.

    Wishing you good health and happiness:)

  • Looks yummy 😊❤️😊

  • Thank you for that really good idea - I tried it today with cauliflower and broccoli and just one beaten egg and it was surprisingly tasty. If you have any more meat free suggestions please let us know!!

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