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dry months

How did we get on in the second month of no booze, I've got to say I have shocked my self with how much I was drinking with out thinking about it. I carried on buying without drinking and I'm amazed that I now have 16 cans of cider and two bottles of white wine plus three bottles of Thatchers Vintage cider, OK it was four but I fell by the wayside.

It also supprised me that the first month I loss seven pound but since then hardley anything, so I'm staying on the wagon until Christmas, anyone else ?

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I did the dry September and pledged to decrease by a lot during October. I have struggled to finish a glass of wine without nodding off this month! I bought some of those tiny bottles of wine so that I didn't waste it. Seem better with a weak gin and tonic but not that often. I am continuing to Christmas also but more because I can't drink now!!! Xx


I'm pretty much staying on the wagon - maybe the odd drink here and there but nothing like before. I could easily have 2 or 3 cans of Stella a night during the week and maybe 3 or 4 on a Friday and Saturday. Very few days with no alcohol 😐. I just love the taste of it - I don't drink to get drunk. Really noticing the difference in my belly and waist. Far less bloating and my recycling bin is much less full as well.

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I managed to cut down a lot in October. It had a similar pattern to sept. Pretty much dry for the first three weeks then the last week I let my guard down, not sure why that is, maybe things get on top of me a bit more in the last week before payday... But I find I can drink much less for the same effect. 1.5 pints of cider on monday evening had a particularly strong effect! :) :) I also want to stay 'almost dry' over the coming month or two. Good to know others are doing the same! Let's do it :)


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