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Day 2

Managed to complete the first couch to 5k session yesterday without too much trouble. If you put aside the fact that I managed to procrastinate until 19:30 last night! Felt great afterwards, it's my brain working against me 😏 🤔.

Day 2 of healthy eating - this is my biggest challenge as I am a sugar fiend. Determined to allay that in search of a newer slimmer me.

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Well done on completing the first c25k session, sounds like you ended up doing it in the dark! As you felt so good afterwards I expect you'll soon have the second session under your belt :)

Good luck with your healthy eating - it is a challenge for all of us, (otherwise we probably wouldn't be here). You're a sugar fiend, I'm a chocoholic and daren't have any in the house. We nearly all have something we love, that is very hard to give up. Keep up the healthy eating, the new slimmer you will definitely thank you for it :D

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