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Day 2 and feeling great

Start of day two and feeling great. After yesterday's weigh in I am determined to start looking after me and getting rid of those 3 stones which have been clinging on for far too long.

I'm struggling to count calories as never done this before. A lot of my recipes are weight watcher based so deciding to count the points for now as this is what I'm used to. Any advice on counting calories would be appreciated. Had a little look at my fitness pal so would like to hear of others.

I'm also prone to over thinking things and then getting anxious so would love to hear if anyone has tried mindfulness and could suggest any good resources for me so I am prepared.

Have a great day and thanks for reading 😊

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I really panicked about counting calories as I was used to slimming world! :) I write it down on paper as get annoyed with the different variations on myfitnesspal but I think I just don't have the patience for it as so many people on here really get along with it.

I suggest planning meals without too many elements to start with to get into the swing of things :) and it's important to give yourself time to cook and calculate so that you don't feel rushed or get things wrong :) it's learning curve so be patient with yourself as you'll get better as you go along :)

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Thank you for your encouragement. I found my fitness pal annoying too but thought it must just be me. If I have a favourite recipe which I know is 11 smart points but I have to add each element of the recipe into the app for it to calculate calories I thought I might feel too stressed and give in. So for now as I am very much in the zone am sticking to what I know.

I think at the weekend when I am planning next week I might look to research calories a little more and try to move away from ww principles 😊


That sounds like a good plan and ww meals are a good place to start as it's all about healthy choices when cooking :) but it'd be nice for u to be able to branch out from those recipes if you wanted to. I made curry today with a SW recipe but I just weighed everything I used and then halved it as I split it with my partner :) I just find writing it down so much quicker a super can write down what the packaging says and on myfitnesspal u have to find one that matches what you have or put it in yourself from scratch and it's just not worth it in my opinion! :) good luck with the start of your journey! I'm sure you'll great and look forward to hearing the results!

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