Treating Myself

Treating Myself

Was rather worried about today's hospital appointment but as all has gone well I headed to the shops to treat myself. Unfortunately I couldn't justify the absolute beautiful dress (especially as it's a 22 in a shop I was a 28 in). I did however get myself some perfume and undies (bra backs are rather slack now lol). Also has a lovely comfort food meal of Heck sausages, sweet potato mash and baby carrots on returning. It was less than 2 years ago that I wasn't good enough for nice things like lovely clothes and even good quality food, so glad times have changed. Keep going guys, you are all worth it x x x x


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16 Replies

  • Glad all has gone well and you look amazing. Xx

  • Yay! Glad your appointment was ok it's good you treated yourself the healthy way new stuff and a healthy meal.👍

    I do think though that maybe you could pop back later at the end of the winter solstice and treat yourself to that dress? after all you are worth all that's good and always have been, just that now you know it.😊

    Best wishes Bev 💐

  • I wish I could Bev but £75 is a bit pricey for something I'd aim not to fit me for too long ;) I have loads of lovely dresses too now - naughty me :P

  • I can see your point and it's good that you are thinking that way👏🏻 you never know maybe in the sales after Christmas it could be half that price and get a smaller size too. ⭐️

  • I'm so glad your appointment went as you'd hoped. Enjoy your treat and you look amazing in that dress. X

  • You look absolutely gorgeous in that dress! :) what an amazing achievement to have dropped so many sizes. I wish you had been able to buy it but would have been a shame if it was too big in a few months time!! :) at least you did get some other well deserved treats and that dinner looks yummy!

  • Yeah that was my thinking was way too much to buy and never see the light of day lol x

  • So pleased you got on well at hospital appointment , that's a beautiful dress you look lovely well done :)

  • lush dress! glad it went well, sounds like youre doing fantastically.

    self care is awesome. im also learning how to value myself and look after myself.

    well done. i cant type any emojis for some reason but *thumbs up* and *smiley face*!


  • Well the doctors goal was 21st 4lbs and I'm no 20st 12lbs Yay! *heart* and *thumbs up* to you too hedgehog ;) x x x x

  • Woot!

  • Fabulous frock...You look absolutely beautiful!

    I think we all go through a dreadful phase of thinking " that's not for me" and that somehow we are not " good enough".

    Great to hear that you no longer feel like that, and that you are indeed treating yourself. :)

  • Thanks Gin-Tonic - defo come away from all that. Check out my "Laid Bare" talks about all that in depth ;) x x x

  • Really pleased your appointment went well. That is one awesome dress! Well done for how far you have come, more power to you! :-) x

  • So glad your appointment went well

    You look fab in that dress :)

  • Fantastic - so happy for you! Keepggoing like this :-) :-) :-) :-)

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