Halloween Treats

Well, cakes and biscuits have been brought in to work today and on the desk behind me is an array of biscuits (brought in by a rep) and sweets.

I have decided I am going to have my toffee apple for my snack - except I forgot to put any toffee on it!! So I am being good and just having my apple and other people are welcome to all the other goodies.

I hope my good intentions can last all day!!


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8 Replies

  • Good luck 👌🏾

  • Well done and stay strong :)

  • Oh I am dreading handling all those sweets tonight sending husband and kids out to do a quick selection then going to get them to take over. But I hate the thought of their haul sitting in the kitchen

  • It is so hard when all the treats are sat there. Keep strong and you will resist. Xx

  • I'm leaving buying sweets till the last minute. Thankfully my husband's got a sweet tooth (and is 5 stones lighter than me) so hopefully he'll polish off what's left.

  • SWEETS ARE EVIL! They are the true ghouls of Hallowe'en!

    Go you.

  • I bought a few things for tonight, just in case the neighbour's children come round. I decided against sweets as having baskets of sugary goodies around is just too tempting . I got some small bags of crisps which I find easier to resist if they don't get taken by the ghosties and ghoulies! Could hardly give them chopped apples, carrots, not sure they would be too thrilled :)

  • Ha, has - well that serves me right! Couldn't hold out any longer, so tried one of the biscuits - it was awful! So it went in the bin. At least it has stopped me wanting to try anything else!

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