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Well after several weeks of procrastination I've decided to start today on the 12 week plan. I've already asked my hubby to forgive me grumpiness- always get grumpy until I see progress. I've been wondering though : how does a reasonably intelligent person , who understands the risks associated with obesity, who has a significant risk of developing diabetes ( 2 close family members have it) , who knows that you should take in less energy than you use, and who recognises how much better it feels when the weight is reduced - what gets in the way ? I would love to understand why I find it so difficult.

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Our brains love stability and will fight any attempts to change the status quo - this is a really good book that helps you look at and understand the psychology of change, it would work well with the 12 week NHS plan amazon.co.uk/Weight-Escape-...

I bought it recently and think it's brilliant 0 it's helped me no end already and I used to work in mental health!


Hello and welcome to the forum. Some of the best advice I have had on this forum is that it can be counter productive to think of this as a diet. They have conatations of strict rules and time limits that quickly become overwhelming and thus we give up. On here most people are looking to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Obviously part of that is weight loss but it is also about eating healthier foods, exercising and being kind to ourselves. Setting small goals helps. I have lost one stone but need to lose 2 more. Straight away that sounds awful so I think to myself I want to lose a lb next week. Everybody on here loses at different speeds I am a slow loser but I feel more positive than I have before. I can do it without hating my food or myself and it just might take some time. 😀

Have you looked at the pinned posts for newbies on the right of your screen or bottom depending on your device. It gives loads of great advice and there are lots of topics that help too. There are challenges and the Monday weigh in which are very motivating.

If you feel grumpy or down come on here and someone will give you a pat on the back or a kick whatever you need 😀

I wish you luck and determination

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It doesn't matter about your level of intelligence, we revert back to something more basic when it comes to eating I think. The sensible you knows the associated risks but the self that craves the food chooses to ignore it . Getting a balance in healthy eating and exercise is the answer. Xx


Hello Wallnut 60

Personally I know what I should do and I am not stupid but food has been used as a reward or a treat for all of my life. If I had been good as a child I got a food treat.

if I was fractious I was given something to eat to shut me up! So if I think I have had a hard day or good day I reward myself with food treats- need to break the cycle but it's difficult as it is hard wired into my brain I think!


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