Still trying to be good!

It has been hard work with the children off school, but I have managed to bulk make and freeze some home made low calorie meals for myself, so that I'm not tempted to eat just anything!! I have also made some soup to take into work with meto have for my lunch instead of my usual sandwich. This is also low in calories, so should help as I was eating around 700 calories just for lunch I was shocked to discover.

Has anyone good any other good ideas for easy low calorie ways to make life easier?

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  • Crisp breads with soft cheese, stuffed pitta breads, instead if sandwiches?

    Olive oil sprays are great ( 1cal do them, but have emulsifying agents in them), far less oil needed.

    Just read creme friache the half fat one ( I hate unsweetened yoghurt of any type) for breakfast, 100 most with low sugar fruits.

    Some great slowcooker recipes too, I made lasagne tonight, just mix up the mince with canned tomatoes, puree , garlic and herbs, make thick cheese sauce and cok for two hrs in high

  • Thank you, those sound like some delicious ideas that I look forward to trying.

  • I tried the creme friache with kiwi fruit and a teasp of honey, healthier than all those sugar laden Yoghurts ( I can't cope with the plain ones of yoghurt), made a nice breakfast too

  • You sound very organised, which is where I need to get to! I am currently thinking about some different winter meal options, warming and cheery...looking for inspiration too!

  • I am sharing your half term blues. It is nice spending time with the kids but they create so many temptations. I really like to cook from the Hairy Dieters books. The kids and the husband will eat the food so it makes life a lot easier.

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