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New girl on the block

I initially put up a post about struggling with bingeing and got some wonderful replies :) I've since been having a wee looksee around the site itself and have noticed the "introduce yourself" area. So here I am introducing myself.

I'm a mum of 3 (7yrs, 5yrs and 3yrs) I work part time (3 long days) in a sedentary job. I started the C25k again and I think I am on week 3 though possible 4 next week, but I haven't been able to attend all sessions due to childcare. I find it touch but I really enjoy it..............well when I say that I mean the feeling I get afterwards, during it I would like to be anywhere else possible.

I am looking into creating a group to follow on from the 9 weeks so that maybe this time will be the time when I can manage to continue running 3 times a week and not just return immediately to my couch potato ways (I have done the programme once on my own and then twice with my local council) I have an active partner who is in great I've no one to blame but myself and my distinct lack of willpower or ability to say no to my wants.

Maybe a long introduction but I ramble when I am nervous.

Goodnight, and so to bed.


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Hiya and welcome! dont be down on yourself, changing habits is hard work, and sounds like youve already got alot to juggle!

Glad to meet you, hope to see you around the board. ☺

Hedgehog xx

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Hi RobynMarian, and welcome to the forum. I'm a struggling mummy too (I have 3 year old twins), so can understand how hard it is to focus on yourself when you have so much else to juggle.

The good news is, you have landed in a group of amazing and supportive people here. You don't have to do this alone.

Really look forward to seeing you about, join in the challenges, they're so fun and a great way to stay motivated.

All the best

Bluewings 😉


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