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going on holiday in two days time and fear back to square 1, jjjj

Hi everyone!!!.

A little message on a Sunday evening. :)

I will be having a week holiday in my home country, and now that I have managed to lower my calorie intake to below 1500 cal, I fear I will put some ounces back on.

I will not have the chance to enjoy Christmas with them though, so I suppose next week from Tuesday will be like Christmas with them!.

I have had a busy job pattern these last 4 days and I think I have shed (round half a stone in my first week-0.55 stone per google weight translator-3.5 kilos).

I don't think I will be able to post my weight tomorrow, unfortunately, as I am due to work 12 hours and is a very heavy physical job with no time to fiddle with the computer.

as next Monday I will be away and won't have internet connection in my family home in Spain, I don't expect to write again until Saturday 11 or Sunday 12th Nov.

I suppose by then, all sorts of things will have happened to me and consequently, millions of excuses to indulge myself in naughty food.

I am amazed that only sticking to a 1500 calorie daily diet has helped me so much.

I haven't done any specific exercise and my fluid intake figures are appalling: only 4 glasses daily!!. I am sitting in the car all day visiting patients and I find very embarrassing asking them to use their lavatories after drinking a lot of water, so I do not tend to drink much... ( to much info, I know).

I do wish to thank every single one of you that has replied to my messages and hope you do well on your journey to living well, or at least, better and hope you do not despair while I am away and hope that you all will be here when I get back to put up with my findings and struggles... :)

I will bring a picture back from Spain and I send you all now lots of Spanish kisses and love.


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Hello Lovely Sole_1 ! Good luck with your holiday, I hope you have a lovely time. I hope you find a way through with food that works for you. I have just returned from 3 days away and fear I have gained a little, but life is for living, and we can diet again another day!



Have a wonderful holiday. Remember the guidelines you have been living within, a few additions here and there plus a nice brisk walk to burn some calories may keep close and on track. Holidays are meant to be enjoyed ans time from stress, coming back and cheated some will not kill you. Back on the horse continue your program. Enjoy your visit.

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Have a lovely holiday sole :)

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