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Can i do it for ever?


Firstly have no "junk"food in the house! ✅

Exercise more✅

Continuable .... ????

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Hi debsdo, me too! no junk food what so ever in the house (a little more exercise as well) I actually have some healthy snacks in the house I completely recommend the nakd bar as an alternative to Chocolate bar - they actually do a cocoa one which is great. I told my colleagues at work I was going to get nakd! we had a little laugh when I told them what I meant! Good luck.

Ruby81 stone
in reply to JacksonPollock

I am a fan of Nakd too...have you tried the cocoa and orange? I am gradually trying other flavours, I thought ginger might be nice. Am also a massive fan (addict?) of Go Ahead fruity bakes in apple flavour. They hit the satisfaction spot for me!

JacksonPollock1 stone
in reply to Ruby8

Cocoa and orange also great. Go aheads do they not have added sugar?

Continable? Definitely, clean eating and exercise give me the feel good factor that keeps me coming back for more.

Just a little note of caution. Life throws many food curve balls at us i.e. eating out, cakes in the office etc. If you can manage at home with kitkats or crisps, perhaps they are your partner's or the kids' and not eat them, it strengthens your resistance in the outside world. Not sure if this makes any sense but I hope you get where I am coming from. Also you may feel resentful in a few months if you are not having any treats? Xx

in reply to slimpickings

Think that is wise... but I have NO will power!!

slimpickings2 stone
in reply to debsdo

Only we truly know ourselves, do what suits you best. Xx

Sounds sensible to me. i cant keep any junk food in either, although i always have dark choc in.

I think if youre enjoying our exercuse then yes it is sustainable.

Well done! 👍

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