Conflicting advice

Hello everyone,

Every 6months I have to see my Doctor due to taking hrt, just check weight, bmi, blood pressure.

Each time I have gone in the last year he has been pleased with my progress. Now last week when I went he checked everything was very happy with weight told me not to lose any more for my size etc was at the right weight. Then turned around and said my bmi needs to come down 4more points and he woukd be happy. My reply how can you not lose weight while trying to lower bmi, he shrugged his shoulders and simple said lose bmi but not weight.

Ok so how is this done?



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16 Replies

  • You would have to grow taller :-) :-) Or get a new doctor...

  • I'm sorry Wendy, but I agree with PippiRuns. Your doctor sounds like a complete jerk! How can a medical professional advise a patient to do the seemingly impossible, but give no instructions on how to go about it?!

    The BMI calculator, is intended as a guide, so really, it's up to you. If you feel you're at the right weight for your height, then stop and ignore your BMI. If, however, you wish to drop a few more pounds, then do so and your BMI will drop with them.

    Other than that, do more strength exercises, to build more lean muscle mass, as this should maintain your weight, whilst reducing your BMI.

    I am not medically qualified, so this is just my personal opinion :)

  • He just works from a chart where he simply puts in figures like your weight and height. You should have asked him and put him on the spot if he told you not to lose any more weight.

  • I agree. If he was using an ideal weight chart it wasn't compatible with the BMI chart. In the U.S., the CDC has information that the BMI for the longest lived, healthy lifespan is slightly over 25, so even the BMI banding is a little arbitrary.

    moreless' idea to gain muscle wouldn't work either since BMI is not influenced by body composition; it is purely a comparison of weight to height.

  • Oops! :o

  • Oh no, I didn't mean to embarrass you moreless. It's good to build lean body mass for most people's health, it just won't alleviate the confusion caused by the doctor in this case.

  • I'm glad you corrected me Concerned, it makes every day a learning day and for that, I'm very grateful :)

    I would want Wendy to get the best advice and yours is far more knowledgeable than mine would ever be :)

    Please don't be concerned! :D

  • And I admire your knowledge on a lot of other things, such as how to handle people :-)

  • How very kind, thank you :)

  • Erm not sure that it it possible. Xx. Perhaps ask the practice nurse for help and see what the answer is!!

  • I agree with the ladies - you GP sounds like a bit of an idiot, to me!! You can't, in theory, not lose weight, but lose BMI, unless as PippiRuns says, you grow taller!! :D

    Perhaps ask to see another doctor or the nurse?

  • I have to have regular blood pressure tests, because mine has always been very high; that's one of the reasons I am trying to get my weight under control a bit.

  • I think the BMI figures apply to Mrs Average only, and each individual is different. I have yet to get down to a healthy BMI figure, but neither have I suffered any major health problems in all of my 61 years! I look at my wobbly belly and think - yes, you could do with losing a few more lbs, ...the same as if I looked at my dog to assess his health - you can see (and feel) any excess flab (unless you suffer from body dysmorphia) and you can see with your eyes if a body is well toned and gently rounded rather than "wobbly"! No need for all these charts and average figures, in my book!

  • I think he wants you to stretch 😂🦄

  • Maybe he wants you more toned, so that the waist to height thing matches up, not bmi?

  • What a stupid man. IF there is a way to do it without losing weight ( have no idea if there is! ) to shrug his shoulders and dismiss you was completely unprofessional and he is a disgrace to his profession.

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