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Being more active but don't like being more sweaty!


I'm trying to follow the tips in the 12week weight loss plan to increase activity. It says to try and encorporate activity into every day activities. Such as brisk walking, taking the stairs etc. The thing is, I get really hot when I do these things. I think you're supposed to get hot if you are being active enough. But then it seems really impractical to be sweaty during the day. I don't like arriving at work sweaty or being sweaty when I'm out shopping or whatever. It doesn't seem hygienic to do any exercise at all without being able to immediately shower and change your undergarments and clothes. Am I being too fussy or is thee a way around it? How does everyone else manage/feel about increasing activity throughout the day?


Sweaty betty

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That is a tricky one. It is best to incorporate exercise into your daily routine and also to do it in the day. Do you work at the weekend? Maybe you could get most of the 150 minutes done then and do an evening activity in the week. For example I do 90 mins of yoga on a Tuesday evening. That way you could shower


Yes I think I'll just do that- do a dedicated exercise session at the weekend and some evenings. And then shower or at least have cooler clothes on. Thanks !


We're moving into winter now Beans, so hopefully you shouldn't sweat as much :)

As you lose the excess weight and get fitter, you won't get as sweaty, but you do need to grin and bear it, in the meantime, or you'll never see any improvement! :)

Stick with it now and by the time the warmer weather comes around, it's a problem that will be in the past :)

Happy sweating! ;)


Dunno, I seem to get a bit sweaty , even in winter. I'm not really overweight but I wear thermals etc as I get cold when I go out, to town or whatever. And because I work in a professional office, I have to wear office attire so they get sweaty if I walk briskly and take the stairs etc. I think I'm just really temperature sensitive. I think I'll just have to stick to dedicated exercise sessions where I can wear gym kit. I just wondered how anyone manages to encorporate activity into their day. Unless everyone is secretly sweaty! Thanks for the help


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I hate getting all sweaty so I go for "gentle walks" during my lunch and then when I get in from work I do 20-30 mins exercise and then shower straight after that :) it's not massively ideal as it means I do less strenuous exercise during my work day, but I view it as better than just sitting at my desk for my lunch so that works for me :)


I think I'll do something more like that too. Not proper exercise during the day, but just moving a little more. Every little helps I guess. I think the exercise encorporation is just a but much for people who don't like feeling clamy. Thank you ! 👍

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You can buy clothes that help regulate your temperature when you exercise .My husband wears them might be worth an ask at a sports shop .


Oh OK, I will look into that. Thanks 😊


I go for a swim in the evening and I use my exercise bike in the evening too. Xx


Ive set myself a reminder on my phone to move every 45 minutes as I have a job where I sit at my desk all day and I found this really helps, sometimes I just walk to the photocopier and have a bit of a stretch and sometimes I walk up and back down the stairs or even nip out yo my car and back and it all only takes just a couple of minutes, It felt a bit daft at first but one day when I forgot to do it I really missed it.


Designated exercise sessions three times a week is a very good idea, but make sure it is something that really makes you break a sweat. I have taken up running using the NHS Couch to 5 K programme. Brilliant programme - it can turn anybody (seriously!) into a runner.

On top of that, I suggest you make small changes in your everyday routine to move more - analyse your activities and see where you can fit is more movement - like:

-how do you commute to work? Could you cycle sometimes? Could you park the car a few blocks away/get off the bus a stop or two earlier and walk to your workplace?

- Do you sit at a desk all day? Could you stand instead? (really burns a lot of calories: juststand.org/tabid/637/lan... ) ,

- could half of your lunch break be used for a gentle walk?

- On your way home it would perhaps be okay to actually walk briskly and break a sweat as you can shower at home?

- could some of your tv-watching/computer/tablet time at home be converted to brisk walks? Perhaps on the days that you don't do a designated exercise session, decide to spend only 1 hour on the couch in the evening - walk instead.

An analysis like that should indicate where you can make slight changes to your life style which will massively impact how many calories you burn.

Good luck


Try wearing less while being active? I have to wear much fewer clothes cycling. I have loads of long sleeve cotton tops, you can get them anywhere in nice colours e.g. maroon, navy, purple. They're a good 'base' layer for everyday and can look smart for work with a black skirt and cardigan. For cycling I have a breathable summer rain jacket with unzipped mesh areas under arms etc. I start cycling feeling really chilly and underdressed then by 5 mins in I've warmed up and it feels right. I carry the extra cardigan etc in my bag to put on when I get to work.

Maybe the same theory would work for the forms of exercise you're trying to do. Do you just need to adjust your clothing to wearing cotton/breathable clothes and wearing fewer layers when you go for your walks etc?

I also had to change what kinds of bags I use. Rucksacks can give you a sweaty patch on your back. So now I use a pannier bag attached to my bike, or when walking I just use a big shoulder bag.


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