First day and enough calories left for a G&T: Happy Days!

First day and enough calories left for a G&T: Happy Days!

First full day on the 12 week plan and feeling rather good about myself and what I've achieved today: Lovely long dog walk up on the Moor; cooked up two rather scrumptious low calorie meals - Minced lamb curry with pilau rice & peas for lunch and Soy-marinated wild salmon brochettes with a mixed salad and sunflower seeds...& I've even got enough calories left for a G&T and a square of Dark Chocolate: Happy Days!

Calories = 1449

Exercise = 11863 steps

Just wondering...How many steps do you guys do ?


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20 Replies

  • 6000 as a rule per day but I cycle 10 km most days on my exercise bike. Your tea looks delicious and enjoy your drink. Xx

  • 10km cycle - Now I am impressed !

    I have an exercise bike, and even a real one too...but I just never seem to find the time to use them. * Note to self: Must make time!

    How do you fit cycling into your day ?

    Dinner was delicious thank you and the Gin was fabulous ;) x

  • I am making myself do half an hour each day. I watch the telly at the same time. This means that I am meeting the recommended 150 minutes of exercise per week. I also swim for half an hour twice a week too. Xx

  • Well...I am completely pinching your idea of cycling whilst I watch TV: Love Multi - Tasking.

    Cheers :)

  • I have only done 7000 today a bit rubbish I did 35 mins of dance and weights but need to get my steps up.

  • 7000 is still pretty good going, especially with dance thrown in to and it must have burnt off some calories. Well done you! :)

    What type of dance do you do ?

  • That looks really tasty! I aim for 10,000 steps per day.

  • Rather scummy if I say so myself ...& I didn't really feel like I was on a diet!

    I too have always aimed for 10,000 steps...& not too tricky to two hounds in town. :)

  • OMG, that looks good! :)

    What a fab day you've had, well done you! :)

    As regards steps, I do a minimum of 20,000 steps per day and my maximum, so far, has been 53,000 in a day :)

    I hope you'll consider joining the Kilometre Zero challenge, with all those lovely steps :)

  • Why thank you very much. I just adore cooking, and eating, and anything to do with food...perhaps that's why I'm so large ;)

    Fabulous 1st day for me which was really helped by the lovely folk on here and their friendly posts.

    20,000 steps WOW! I am utterly impressed... How did you ever manage 53,000? You must be rather fit :)

    I shall check out the challenge; thanks for the heads up. :)

  • I suspect most of us are in the same boat! :D

    Just over a year ago, I could barely walk to the toilet! It's just been increasing what I do, on a daily basis and joining FizzyLiz's challenges, has been an absolute godsend! It really made me get up off the sofa and do my best :)

    I shall look forward to you joining us :)

  • Your meals sound really tasty, my sort of food. My steps vary considerably, yesterday 14K, today only 2k but did swim 1500m. I have found that if you stick to your correct calorie allowance the weight comes off, it is more about what you eat and drink than exercise, but exercise definitely helps and makes you feel good. Wishing you success!

  • I adore tasty food from all over the globe. Good to find another foodie on here :)

    Yes I agree, for me the weight lose is firstly calorie based, and the exercise is more so for my general health, especially as I'm getting older.

    Have to say: Gorgeous Westie x

  • Nice looking meal there. The recommended number of steps per day for good health is 10,000 which is roughly a 5 mile walk, but getting up and moving about for at least 5 mins in every hour is also important.

  • Thank you very much: I very much believe we firstly "eat with our eyes " our enjoyment of food is about more than just how it tastes.

    I thought my 10,000 was roughly what was recommended: Thanks for confirming :)

    But something I hadn't thought of was the 5 minster every hour...Good tip! Thanks a lot.

  • Wow your meal looks so good , and congratulations on such a great day, and topped off with a g and t and square of chocolate. Sounds like a most spectacular day :-)

  • Thank you for your lovely reply; It was a really good day.

    The G&T and my little square of delicious Dark chocolate felt like a real treat.

    It has totally fuelled my motivation, that this time, I will stick at a healthy, calorie controlled, eating plan...with a "treat" at the end of each day ;)

  • Sounds like a perfect day 😊 Hope things are still going well for you, the first few days are the most difficult as you get into good habits 😊 You are a girl after my own heart regarding G&T 😊

  • Good morning.

    I've had a most fabulous week so far. Tomorrow marks the end of my 1st week of my new healthy lifestyle.

    Gin is one of my all time favourite things, and I make sure I have enough calories left to treat myself to a G&T, or a shot, each evening.

    My partner is also a gin lover and we have amassed a total of over 50 different gins over the past few years: The empties take pride of place on our kitchen window sill.

    ...& it seems it's not just our love of Gin that we have in common: I am an Anna too :)

    Hope you have a good day. :)

  • Oh my! We do have lots in common!! 😊😊😊

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