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Lonely guy

Today I am thinking about my future and past that I left all my family members ,friends,cousin and relative .I don't have any relations left because of my ego and self-centered problems everyone thinks I m too good for nothing I don't have any bright future I don't have good job and girlfriend I m alone dead guy in my society people's thinks due to my worst behavior and rudeness everyone left me .I don't respect any elders or even my parents in my 27 year life I always think about myself and always been a selfish self-centered guy and believe me people's I have biggest regret of my life right now I m crying when I m writing this note because I can't fix anything now due to my behavior my life is good for nothing and I am alone lonely fat bold hair guy. I wish god bless me and forgive me whatever I done in my life . I don't know about my future who will be my corner now because everyone run away from me and I have regret for sure about my worst behavior with my parents and with my relatives and cousin nobody wanna meet me sorry it is to hard to write now because of my tears is whipping from my eyes hope someone here help me give me something that I can life again!

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I think you have hit rock bottom. It is horrible admitting our faults to ourselves. You have done the hard part and now you are in a position to start to turn things around for yourself. I want you to phone your GP surgery on Monday morning and book an appointment. I think that you need face to face support to help you get to a better place in your life and your Doctor can help you get the correct referral. You have shown strength of character today and you must channel this. Please make that phone call. Xxx


I am sorry that you feel so unwell tonight. I agree with slim pickings about seeing your GP. When I had a spell of depression I found them to be very helpful and supportive. They may be able to help you to access some CBT that can help you to understand your behaviour patterns. Please don't suffer alone



Hi love ,

Come on love the first thing you must do is go to your doctor explain to him/her exactly how you are feeling and I'm sure they will be able to help you .

The next thing you can do is say to yourself that you are the only one that can change things and to do that you have to try and be nice to people ,

why don't you try and do one nice thing a day i.e. Take someones dog out for a walk who are unable to do it themselves or help someone across the road , if you are nice to people then they will be nice to you.

Also do your bmi check and see how many calories you are allowed each day don't worry about how much weight you have to loose ,just say to yourself if you could loose 1lb a week over 14 weeks that's a stone !!! Think how good you will feel if you lost a stone !

Once you start being nice to people and loosing a little bit of weight each week you will feel so much better about yourself and people will know you are trying and I'm sure they will help you no one wants to see you unhappy

Just give it a try love you can do it and we are all here to help we are all nice people here and will help you when we can .

Give it a go you have nothing to loose and and a lot to gain !! 😀


I agree with all the above. none of us are perfect we all make mistakes. family do forgive and do love each other even when we don't like whats been going on. make small steps rebuild. you are only seeing your side, maybe they have said and done things they would now like to mend with you too. reach out to them i'm sure they will meet you half way. good luck.


I think you are being rather hard on yourself. I think self-centredness is a part of youth. I know I was very self-centred in my youth and selfish - but of course I didn't realise it at the time otherwise I wouldn't have been that way. Wisdom and self-awareness grows with age and experience.

You must remember that whatever way you behaved, you were only doing the best you could with the knowledge you had at the time, and if you had known different, you would have behaved differently. So the first thing you have to do is forgive yourself, then try to make amends if you can to anyone you hurt. And behave differently in the future. Go out of your way to help others. Maybe try volunteering because it teaches selflessness.

Depression and self-centredness are interlinked. Forget the past, each day is a new beginning and you have the chance to start a new life.


Hey Dude.

It Sounds Like You May Be Suffering From A Bit Of Depression. You Need To See Your Gp . Maybe Show Them This Post So YOur Go Can See HoW Youre FeEling. Its Very Common To Feel Depressed And It Can Make Our PerCeption Focus On Whats Bad More Than Whats Good. And It Can Also Make Us Act In Ways We Know We ShOuldnt, Because We Are Under stress, and Then Feel Guilty.

Please Dont Be Hard On Yourself. The Fact ThaT You Are acknowledging Things You Feel Bad About shows That You Are A Good Person Who Deserve Forgiveness.

You May Not Feel Like It, but You Are Still Very Young. You HavE Many Years To Change The Way You Feel About Yourself And your Life.

love And Hugs. X


Hi firstly as others have said I would speak to your Doctor not only could they test to find out if you are in depression but they can also advise on the way for you to go towards a healthier you.

We have all done things that have upset people in our lives. I have relatives who won't speak to me because I decided to say a few home truths and they didn't like it, but you acknowledge you have been in the wrong so maybe a smile and a hello even a I am sorry might go a long way to building a relationship again. If you have someone who you can talk to they may be able to act as a liaison between you and your family. Unless you have done something completely unforgivable mums and dads tend to listen and accept when their children apologise for any wrong doing.

There is such a thing as Karma in life and I believe you get out of life what you put in, be nice, smile, help others and you will find they help you too.

There are so many people who don't have a choice with their lives through illness etc, you do, start to take control, your life is worth a lot to you, your family (although you may not think so) and there is so much good you can do with it for yourself and everyone around you.


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