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Worryingly high body fat percentage!

Good morning all,

I hope I'm posting in the right place...I'm looking for some advice regarding a recent body fat percentage test I had at the gym. They measured my body fat using a hand held device that sends pulses through the body (?!) and the result was 40%. I was shocked, as that's nearly half of my body! Everything else was good/healthy e.g. weight, BMI etc. but now I'm concerned that there may be potential health complications, even though on the outside I look 'ok'. Has anyone ever had one of these tests, and how reliable are they?

Thank you in advance x

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I would go and see your GP and get a medical opinion. Please don't fret about this any longer. Xx


Ditto to what slimpickings has said, eiddam :)

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It's only going to give you the approximate amount of fat in your body and there is more than one type of fat. Check your waist measurement, it should not be more than half your height.



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