Laproscopic Choleosystectomy wound infection

I had my surgery on Monday 26th September I was released from the hospital the same day and told everything went fine , but now 2 of the wounds are infected , they are constantly opening up and running thick green puss out , they are really red swollen and very sore, I have seen my GP and was given antibiotics but now the infection has spread and is giving chest pain and stomach pain my GP can't see me for 2 weeks and I'm worried because I keep getting worse


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15 Replies

  • Can you get an emergency appointment? It sounds like you really need to see a doctor

  • Hi,

    Is there an emergency clinic near you/walk in centre? If not, I'd go to A&E.

    Hope it feels better soon

    Rob :)

  • oh plse just get to A n E. You need to get it treated asap! Good luck x

  • Yes please take yourself to A & E

  • Go to the emergency room and see a dr

  • Hi love

    Get down to a and e at the hospital you can't mess about with infections .

    Hope you get it sorted and feel better soon

    But please do not delay with this go today

    Pam xx

  • Go a&e dont wait for the gp asap.

  • A&e don't wait sometimes antibiotics from the gp in tablet form aren't strong enough you may need IV antibiotics has for green stuff oozing out its better for it to ooz out then build up inside but you need to seek medical attention I would go to a&e as this is where gp is probably going to send you x

  • Please go to A&E & I hope you feel better soon xx

  • I'd be inclined to call the paramedics if you are having chest pains as well as everything else!

  • Hi Steve totally agree with lizzy70 you may need IV antibiotics, at least it's coming out which is better than red and hot inside.

    A & E is best hopefully you won't get this post as you will be there already.

    Best wishes hope everything is ok. Bev😊

  • You need stronger antibiotics. If you get no joy from your gp, although tell them the symptoms and they will see you, turn up anyway or go to hospital. Get well soon xx

  • I had a wound infection following a knee replacement was whipped off to the GP by a friend. I didn't have an appt but was seen PDQ without any fuss on their part and dealt with. Don't delay, go. With all this advice you probably have by now, but good luck.

  • Please do as so many have advised. Emergency GP appointment or A& E today. Don't let it get any worse.

  • Hi just a quick note to say when you have time let us all know how you got on and hopefully are better. 😊

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