Will I ever get there? πŸ˜“

On week 4 and losing the will already, it has been going well I guess but slow and I feel like it's gonna take forever

I know there's no quick fix for losing weight but it is getting me down and I feel fed up.

Ive seen others writing what they weigh calling themselves fat and one was my goal weight so it made me feel like even if I do get there it won't be enough

I went to a good friend to vent amd she said everyone's different and has different goals and I understand that but didn't make me feel any less crap... sorry for the rant just having a lousy couple of days


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16 Replies

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  • Hi don't worry we all have bad days, I had 4 awful days last week (family issues) but managed to steer clear of the chocolate.

    Your friend is right we are all different and I too see people just starting their journey who are starting at 12.8 which when I have lost 4.5 stone I will be but I know I have to carry on and by just going in my wardrobe and trying something on I couldn't even get on 5 months ago spurs me back again.

    I am just finishing week 23 and for the past 5 weeks twice I have just maintained it's annoying but if I go back to where I was before I know I have lost my battle. Even though I have lost 3stone ( all but 1lb) I still have to hear someone say " gosh you've lost weight" but I will carry on and it will happen one day. Also I am averaging about 1lb a week yes it seems like it takes forever but what's the alternative?

    How much have you lost in 4 weeks? What's your goal? Make small ones that are attainable, reward yourself and move on.

    I also think this time of year can have a negative effect on our ability and mood, darker, colder nights on the horizon etc.

    Just do a check on wether you are having the right amount of calories maybe you need more of a certain type of foods etc. I hope you will get your mojo back soon. Good luck BevπŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • You've done really well and I hope I have similar success

    So far I've lost 5 pounds in 4 weeks and I'm 16.7 stone now my goal is 11 stone

    Thanks for replying it's so helpful

  • Hi - don't lose heart. You're doing really well, that's 5lb you would never have lost if you hadn't tried the plan. Don't think of the goal weight you want to get to, just keep thoughts positive and keep the goals weekly, any 1lb or 1/2lb off is better than on. You will have bad days but keep posting on here, everyone is so encouraging and you're not alone, you will come through the bad days more positive. I find going out for a walk clears my mind when I feel like diving into the chocolate or biscuits, it just diverts my mind. It's finding something to distract you and if you're out of the house the biscuit tin is further away! Keep the faith, you can do it!

  • Hi Chelsea I started at 17.1 and you at 16.12 so not much difference between us.

    Brilliant only 2lbs and your first half stone gone. That's 3 bags of sugar pick them up see how much you've lost already.

    I don't know if you joined in the winter solstice challenge but there's about 8 weeks left so if you lost just 1lb a week you would be down to 15.13 another stone barrier down for you and only 1lb off a full stone and your first badge.

    Go on you can do, this together we can, just cutting about 500 calories per day off your normal not cutting down amount will see that 1lb gone and that doesn't include if you do any exercise.

    Give it a whirl with a promise to bury yourself something sparkly for Christmas.βœ¨βœ¨βœ¨πŸŽ„

  • Sorry I don't mean bury yourself but buy yourself this blinking iPad always changes my words into what I don't want lol😑😑😑😑

  • Thanks fir all the support everyone!

    I've woke up feeling better today than yesterday πŸ˜€

  • Good for you ChelseaπŸ‘ we are all here to help you, just shout out if you need to moan/ have good ideas etc we could all use some of those. Hope you have a good day 😊 Bev

  • I sympathise with you as I felt the same last week- but everyone is different. I've always been around 17/18 stone mark and to me 13 stone is a goal! and to see people already that weight just starting does make me go...Oh crap lol but it IS different for everyone. I don't want to be super slim and to me 13 feels like it'll be happy and healthy and right for me. don't beat yourself up or make yourself feel like your goal isn't good enough.

    Im currently 15 stone and want to be 13.

    Someone else is 13 and wants to be 11.

    So really we have the same goal: to lose 2 stone :) and ultimately we all have the same goal: to be healthy and happy with ourselves.

    I don't know if this will make you feel better as it took me a day or so to get out of this comparative mindset in regards to goals but I hope it helps a little.

    Getting there slowly is much better than not getting there at all! :)

  • Thanks I think it is all about the mind set and these replies help loads just knowing others have been where I am and got through it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    I think instead of one long term goals I'll set several short term ones

    Thanks again and good luck to you

  • Totally agree with you Kinbun we all have different weights we want to be that we feel are comfortable and more importantly attainable for us, plus it's not just about the weight but getting fitter and feeling more healthy. Physical frame size and age all play a part in what's a good weight for each of us to aim for as we are all individuals.

    Good luck on getting to your 13st mark and well done on your success so far. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Heya. I have about 12 stone to lose and if I think too much about that and the years it's going to take I do get frustrated as well. I posted about it last week and had some great encouragement and have felt better since then. I think you have to switch your brain around whenever you have unhelpful thoughts and counteract it with something positive, although that's not easy. This last week I've been focusing on how satisfying it feels even losing one pound, and also focusing on the fact that every pound I lose is improving my health. I think that's all you can do is take it day by day, pound by pound. You will get there. πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

    Ps- do you do the £in a jar thing for every pound you lose- I find that quite satisfying. Also perhaps you could treat yourself for every pound lost, like a new song. 😊

  • I've never heard of the Β£ in a jar it sounds like a great idea πŸ’²πŸ’²πŸ’²maybe for motivation I could use the pounds to buy a new dress on my birthday (february) hopefully I'll see a good difference in myself by then

    Thanks so much

  • Youre welcome!Good idea about the dress 😊 πŸ‘

  • Hi I am doing the Β£1 for 1lb, I have 2 jars 1 started with Β£63 in weight to lose jar and the other is weight lost each time I lose say 2lb I transfer Β£2 over into my lost jar, its good to see there's now more in my lost jar than in my to lose jar.

    For the winter solstice challenge I am also putting Β£1 for each 1lb away and will buy some food and toys for my local dog rescue centre at the end for their Christmas.

    All to help me stay on track can't let the doggies down can I?

  • Aww little doggies. what a great idea. πŸ‘

    Having a 'to lose' jar is a good idea i hadnt thought of that. i might do that but put in just one small target at a time, like enough coins to reach my 5% weighloss target. thanks for idea!


  • I suppose you don't have to use money you could use buttons/marbles etc or if you have kids nick some of their lego and build a wall then move the bricks over as you loose weight.

    Having a small target jar is great too you could even put money in to pay for a meal out for you and your partner when you've lost another stone then treat yourself when you've made it.

    It's anything to keep us on track I suppose. 'Hope you're doing ok Hedgehog πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

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