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Setting goals

Hi everyone,

Well it's day three and I am hungry, going to town to meet my Mum and going in the cafe to meet. Do I allow myself a chai latte as a treat as I don't know the calories and myfitnesspal has so many variants or have black tea as I do at home which I am not really enjoying (thought I liked it at the start).

Anyway that was a tangent, how do I choose a mini goal to aim for?

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Hi Lori. I like a nice cup of tea (with milk) but what about a small coffee for a treat? Depending on what you choose the small drinks usually come in around 100 calories. If it is a chain you can usually check their website for calorie info and all the food is usually labelled. With mini targets I have looked at breaking down my goal into half stones and also BMI targets. I have also factored in getting into single figures on the pound side (eg. Getting to 11 stone 9 was one of mine). Lots of ways to do it but I have found the more you have the more satisfaction you get smashing them and the whole target seems a lot easier. Good luck and enjoy your cafe trip!

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Has to be personal to you, something you care about/aspire to/are interested in. How about a goal to drink something you actually enjoy? I'd avoid the sugar and caffeine if possible, but allow myself full-fat milk and spices.

Oh, business speak is to make it a SMART goal; specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-scaled ;-)


They might have chai tea (just made with a teabag) rather than chai latte. It is nice without milk, or you can just add a little milk. Then it will be as low calories wise as your usual black tea plus the relwvabt calories for the optional drop of milk. A chai latte will be the same calories as an equivalent sized mug of milk, as it's mainly hot milk. so you could find that out by working out the mug size... although I think it contains sugar too, so maybe add some cals for 2 spoons of sugar too. Or if youre going somewhere that's a chain e.g. Caffe Nero, type the cafe name into mfp along with the words chai latte. Hope that helps. Hope you have a great time too :)


Thanks everyone, will have a think about those goals.

The cafe is an independent so can't look them up. Had a very light lunch so will have a look at the menu when I get there :)


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