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The problem with guesstimating

I did really well with the calorie counter in the first week. I was evangelical. But, the past 2 weeks I have been away from home and not sure exactly what has been in meals. I have made educated guesses. I hardly lost in the second week. I reduced my calorie allowance and gained in the week just gone. How do others cope with working out calorie s when away from home and not in chain restaurants. Thanks

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If you have a phone try this myfitnesspal.com/ its become a huge part of my life


I take a lot of my own snacks when I'm out and about e.g. cereal bars, satsumas, apples. But when it comes to other people's cooking/eating out it gets harder. It's about becoming good at judging the portion size of the individual components. A useful starting point is the 'healthy eating plate' on the NHS livewell pages. Or a good strategy is loading the plate with salad/veg before adding other items. Learn how various amounts of things 'look' e.g. how many baby potatoes make a 100g portion. Good advice I got early on re events that serve wine in plastic cups, was to measure 175ml of liquid and put it in a plastic cup at home so I know how much a normal portion should look like. Work out what things you always struggle to judge and tackle them one at a time. Eventually it will all come together and you'll develop skills for lifelong healthy eating :)


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