Discalculia's to blame

I did it again.... made a meal, recipe for pasta sauce was nice and small, something like 200 kcals per portion. I measure out the pasta - 100g was something like 350 kcals and eek, thinks I, that's a lot. I carefully divide 100g of pasta between two and think "wow, that's a lot of calories for such a small meal" - then realise I'd forgotten to halve the amounts of kcals on the pasta. So that was a 350 kcal meal! I thought it was a 550 kcal meal. Me and my maths. Celebrated by having a glass of red because we had a burst pipe and all my flooring has come up and that put me in a fractious mood!

So - every cloud has a silver lining :)


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6 Replies

  • that's definitely the best way to get calories wrong! :) :)

    saying that, I'm still shocked every single time I look at the calories in pasta - we used to have pasta weekly and now the amount of calories has slightly put me off!

    .. sorry to hear about your flooring! I find a glass of wine often helps with such things ;)

  • I still have pasta as often, just not as many creamy sauces and I load it up with vegetables! Lately I've been putting squash in everything. :)

  • I tend to be low carb, well relatively so under weigh it, and use rice/spelt or kamut as normal stuff bloats me, not bread tho, a bit odd...........I find a handful enough. I use half a portion of rice too, which is 1/4 cup ( the American ones) dry.

  • That is a new word to me..."discalculia"! I reckon I suffer from that too....in my B&B I might get an order for 2 eggs and 1 rasher of bacon and 10 mins later I produce 1 egg and 2 rashers of bacon! Fortunately not too often, but I often think there is a sort of "number dyslexia" which I have - and that must be the name for it?

    Sorry to hear about your floorboards and leak...these things are sent to try us!

  • yes, exactly, it is the name for numerical dyslexia - and boy do I have it!!!

  • It's amazing when you start to weigh food how little you seem to get 😕 Bread was such a surprise, merrily eating a sandwich then when you weigh the bread discover its not one ounce per slice but almost two!! Eeek 😜 And don't get me started on sweet stuff . . . Lol 😂

    The good news is you do adjust and get so used to smaller portions when you eat out you leave half your meals 😊😊😊

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